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China Appoints ‘Wolf Warrior’ Xi Jinping to Be US Ambassador

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia —

Senior diplomat who is also one of the President’s right hands China Xi Jinping, Qin Gang, was appointed the new ambassador of Bamboo Curtain Country for United States of America.

Qin Gang is one of China’s leading diplomats, nicknamed the Wolf Warrior because of his hawkish approach and always being aggressive when defending China’s interests.

Qin’s deployment takes place as Sino-US tensions continue to escalate.

Some consider Qin’s appointment as an implied Chinese aggressive message to the US.

“As two big countries with different history, culture, social system, to development, China-USA are entering a new chapter of mutual exploration, understanding and adaptation, trying to find ways to get along with each other,” Qin told reporters upon arrival in Washington on Wednesday ( 28/7).

Qin said he would bring US-China relations “back on track”.

Upon arrival in Washington, Qin said he would first undergo a 14-day quarantine at his residence and then start working.

Launch AFP, Qin’s name became known among diplomats since he served as spokesman for China’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs. He is often loud and cynical in responding to foreign journalists.

After becoming a spokesman, Qin was trusted to serve as China’s deputy foreign minister in 2018-2021.

Qin often accompanies President Xi as the head of protocol at the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs in many state services abroad. The 55-year-old diplomat started his career in 1988.

Qin had spent several years at the Chinese Embassy in London, England, until he was fluent in English.

Beijing-based independent analyst Hua Po described Qin as “one of the main members” of the Werewolf movement, which often describes China’s outspoken diplomats with a hawkish approach.

US-China relations have continued to deteriorate in recent times, especially when the White House was under the leadership of President Donald Trump. The US-China continue to clash over trade tariffs, human rights, the Taiwan-Hong Kong issue, the South China Sea and blame each other for the Covid-19 pandemic.

Despite taking a more diplomatic approach, the current administration of President Joe Biden still portrays China as a major US challenge.

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