Saturday, 19 Jan 2019

China leads “cold war” against US, says CIA Asia expert

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LONDON – China leads a "cold war" against the United States to become the world's first power, a CIA expert Beijing does not want not go to war against the United States, but is trying to undermine Washington's global position by using all avenues available, said Michael Collins, deputy director of the CIA's East Asia mission center. 19659004] "I would say … what they lead against us is fundamentally a cold war – a cold war not as we saw it during the Cold War [between the U.S. and the Soviet Union] but a cold war by definition" , he told Aspen Security. Collins

"The Chinese are fundamentally seeking to replace the United States as the dominant power in the world," said Collins


While the United States remains the dominant military and economic power, China is the second bi-world Relations between the two powers have worsened in recent months, with the United States and China imposing tariffs on billions of dollars of goods from each other in a growing trade war .

President Donald Trump threatened to exacerbate tensions on Friday by telling the CNBC that he would be willing to impose tariffs on all Chinese goods imported to the United States if needed

but the diplomatic tensions go beyond the escalation of the trade war. 19659004] Washington has repeatedly criticized Beijing for what it says is a deeply rooted theft of US intellectual property and has forced the transfer of technology from US companies to Chinese competitors, accusations that Chinese authorities deny. He also criticized China for asserting its dominance in the disputed South China Sea.

"I would say that it is East Crimea," Collins said, referring to the brutal annexation of the Crimean Peninsula. Collins

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