China may start vaccinating citizens before the end of the year

A Chinese expert said today that Chinese citizens could begin to be vaccinated against covid-19 in November or December, as clinical trials run smoothly.

Cited by the official press, the main biosafety adviser of the Center for Disease Control and Prevention in China (CDC), Wu Guizhen, said he believed vaccines against the disease caused by the new coronavirus could have an effect between one and three years.

Five of the nine vaccines that have reached the third phase of clinical trials worldwide are being developed by China.

Wu considered that the Asian country is “leading” this process.

The specialist admitted to having participated in one of the tests carried out in the country: “I was injected with a vaccine in April, I volunteered in the tests. I am feeling well now”, he explained.

Wu said that experts from the National Health Commission are “intensively” reviewing pharmaceutical production projects, and that, for now, two have already received authorization to start producing vaccines.


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