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China confined a locality from the north of the country and launched a massive test campaign in another after the appearance of two cases of coronavirus, in a port and in a commercial area, authorities indicated.

The two contaminations occurred one in Dongning and the other in Suifenhe, both close to the border with Russia.

Local Dongning officials assured on Saturday that “war measures” would be applied, with the temporary suspension of bus services, and the obligation for people who leave the town to present a negative test for covid-19, made in the previous 24 hours.

Too schools and restaurants have been closed in this town They can only sell take out food. In high-risk areas, only one person from each household is allowed to go out one day out of every two, and a maximum of two hours, to make purchases.

In Dongning a port maintenance worker was contaminated while in Suifenhe, who did not decide on a lockdown, another worker loading and unloading in a commercial area was contaminated.

China, where the virus is believed to have first emerged last year, has managed to keep the domestic transmission of the disease under control, although recently there have been some isolated outbreaks.

The state press has attributed these sources of contamination to food or frozen products imported from other countries.


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