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China-Singapore Joint South China Sea Exercises Involve …


SINGAPORE – Navy (AL) China and Singapore conduct joint military exercises at South China Sea . In this joint maneuver, Singapore deployed the Formidable class stealth battleships; RSS Intrepid, and Independence class littoral mission ships; RSS Sovereignty.

Beijing military researchers said the joint exercise showed the two countries jointly tackled risks and challenges with a determination to maintain regional peace and stability.

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This joint maneuver has started since Thursday. Chinese state media, Global Times, Friday (26/2/2021) reported that a group of Beijing Navy ships participated in this joint exercise, including the guided missile destroyer Guiyang and the guided missile frigate Zaozhuang.

The Singapore Defense Ministry said the two countries’ navies were conducting joint exercises in international waters at the southern tip of the South China Sea. The aim of the exercise is to increase mutual understanding and strengthen friendships amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

The drills mainly cover communication operations, formation movements, and joint search and rescue.

Zhang Junshe, a senior research fellow at the PLA Naval Military Studies Research Institute, told Global Times that the joint exercise has strengthened the friendly interactions of the two Marines, promoted mutual understanding, increased trust and laid a foundation of goodwill to further strengthen maritime security cooperation. This is also conducive to maintaining the security and stability of the area.

“The important subject of this exercise is joint search and rescue, which is of great practical importance,” said Zhang, pointing out that the South China Sea is an important international shipping route with 100,000 ships from various countries passing through it every year.


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