China’s Political and Legal Affairs Commission post satirizes India’s epidemic and continues to be controversial after deletion-BBC News

Image source,China Changan Net

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Controversial post on China Changan Net

As India is suffering from the raging new crown virus, the official Weibo post of China’s Political and Legal Commission mocks India’s tragic situation, causing controversy. Many Chinese netizens expressed anger out of humanitarian considerations, but many people still expressed their support. The post has now been deleted.

Sino-Indian relations have been unstable since the border dispute last year. In March of this year, India held a four-party security dialogue with the United States, Australia, and Japan, which is considered to be looking for common interests to check and balance China, including in the supply of new crown vaccines.

Satirical Post by the Political and Legal Committee of the Communist Party of China

The official Sina Weibo account of China’s Political and Legal Affairs Commission, “China”, posted a blog post at 1:00 pm on May 1 stating “China VS India”. There are two pictures below. The picture on the left shows China’s launch of the Long March 8 carrier rocket, and the picture on the right shows a pile of firewood burning the corpses of the new crown deceased in India. This Weibo was also labeled “400,000 newly diagnosed cases in India in a single day.”

This post is widely regarded as a mockery of India’s current tragedy. After being reposted nearly 10,000 times by netizens and causing huge controversy, the original post has now been deleted.

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