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Chinese competitor pushed Tesla: Business: Economy: Lenta.ru

Chinese electric vehicle maker XPeng, a competitor to Tesla, has unveiled its new SUV for the international market and ousted the electric vehicle giant, CNBC reported.

The new G9 SUV is the fourth production model of XPeng’s electric vehicles. Rival Tesla plans to launch the car in China in the third quarter of 2022. In doing so, the company also aims to capture the international market. “The G9 is the first model that has been conceived and developed for both the international and Chinese market,” said XPeng co-founder Henry Xia.

The G9 electric car will be the first XPeng model to be equipped with the XPeng Xpilot 4.0 semi-automatic driving system. It will assist the driver in everything from starting the engine to parking and driving. The company plans to launch an electric vehicle in China in the third quarter of 2022, according to TechCrunch. At the same time, the model will become available on the European market only after 2023. Tesla’s rival has previously launched the G3 SUV and two sedan models, the P7 and P5.

XPeng was in no hurry to enter the global market. The company chose Norway as the first foreign market, where sales of the G3 SUV and P7 sedan have already started. Electric vehicle sales hit record highs in Norway. Electric vehicles accounted for 77.5 percent of all new cars sold in September 2021, according to the Norwegian Road Federation (OFV). The popularity of electric vehicles in Norway stems from the country’s desire to completely abandon the operation of cars on gasoline and diesel engines by 2025.

Also, the Chinese company is engaged in the development of not only the usual electric vehicles. In October, XPeng unveiled a prototype vehicle that is capable of flying. The device was named HT Aero and is being designed by a subsidiary of XPeng. Visually, the car resembles the Xpeng P7 electric car model: the car in the sedan form factor has three doors and two seats, an electric motor and propellers for takeoff. The car is equipped with an autopilot system that can assess the environment on the roads and in the air. According to representatives of the corporation, HT Aero will be designed for flights at low altitude.

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