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The year that is ending was a global surprise due to the pandemic and the profound changes it produced in the daily lives of millions of people. Therefore, many seek to predict what 2021 could be like.

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In the Chinese horoscope 2020 was known as the year of the metal rat, while this 2021 is known as the year of the metal buffalo. What could this period hold for the world?

Ludovica Squirru, Argentine poet and expert in the Chinese horoscope, He spoke to the ‘Sputnik’ medium and made some predictions. To begin with, he said that it is very important to sort things out of the past before starting a new stage. “To receive the year of the metal buffalo you have to put this chaotic year in order, crazy year of the infected rat”, Squirru said.

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He pointed out that what awaits us in 2021 is a different message that has not been given for centuries. “As the world has been globally shocked by the pandemic, for everything that occurred in the life of the planet, one has to realize that this is a very clear message to wake up, which is the famous awakening of the Aquarian age, a message that has not been given 800 years ago, “he warned.

After a year marked by confinement measures, quarantines and restrictions on citizen mobility, Squirru stressed the importance of maintaining autonomy in the New Year.

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He held that 2020 “implies that you too become part of the change, not waiting from the outside for someone to tell you what to do, but taking control of your life with great conscience to do everything you did not do in these years, “he explained.

Nor did he ignore the fact that, due to the pandemic, state authorities around the world took up some totalitarian practices that had not been seen for years. He emphasized his concern that “they control us more.”

Following the confinement measures, hundreds of cities around the world reduced the movement of pedestrians by a large percentage.

He said that this 2021 is not about drastic or abrupt modifications, but that it will be a moment of stability.

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“Magic changes are not expected, or that everything improves, or that everything changes. A time of discipline begins, of deep work awareness, where with effort you will have more performance and more achievements,” added the astrologer.

According to the Argentine newspaper ‘La Nación’, the specialist said that Until February 12, it is worth taking advantage of the two-year transition to make an “alignment and balancing of our lives to put the big issues in order.”

He also commented on what awaits people according to their sign. “There are always signs more akin than others with the buffalo like the rat, the snake and the rooster, others more incompatible like the goat, and others that are going to roam more like the horse, the pig (pig) and the dog”, he said, although he also maintained that he preferred not to make such general predictions.

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Of course, he explained that 2021 could be a little kinder for people who were born under the sign of the buffalo, that is, those born in years like 1925, 1937, 1949, 1961, 1973, 1985, 1997 and 2009.

* With information from ‘La Nación’ (GDA – Argentina)


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