Chinese Night and Shadows captivate the Cinema Museum


The Museum of Cinema in Girona held the International Day of Museums yesterday. The event takes place around the world every 18th of May from 1977. One of the main activities of the celebration is the Night of Museums, an initiative of the Council of Europe that is celebrated this year on the same Saturday, May 18 .

In this way, the Cinema Museum also participated with a show – by Valeria Gugliettien – which the Chinese shadows met with silent films, puppets, comics and music to create charming stories that fascinated the public. With free entry, the spectators could enjoy the show of almost an hour.

Apart from the Girona museum, several museums throughout Catalonia and Europe opened their doors beyond midnight with various play-cultural proposals.

The Museum of Cinema opened in 1998 is the first museum of these characteristics in Spain and one of the few existing worldwide. Space deals with the exceptional collection of objects related to the precinema world and the cinema of Tomàs Mallol made up of 8,000 objects, 10,000 documents related to seventh art, 800 films and 700 books and magazines.



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