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Chinese rover Zhurong captures new unpublished images of Mars

Zhurong, el rover de la China National Space Administration (CNSA) that investigates the surface of Mars, has crossed an area composed of rocks, impact craters and sand dunes.

The rover, which has been on the surface of the red planet for 75 days, has completed the study of the second sand dune, so It can now move south until it reaches an area of ​​complex terrain, as reported by the CNSA.

The modus operandi

The researchers who control the robot plan the trajectory of the rover based on the images of the terrain they get every day, to ensure that the places it passes through are safe and to ensure that Zhurong does not suffer damage to its structure.

When the rover travels through terrain that is interesting to scientists, the surface composition detector and multispectral camera investigate it further. During this journey, the subsurface radar is also activated, the meteorological measuring instrument, and the subsurface detection radar.

Zhurong, who arrived on Mars on May 22 and made China the second country to reach Mars with a rover to investigate the planet, It has already traveled 708 meters.

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