Chloe Wary's "Season of the Roses", crampons and thorns


• Season of Roses, by Chloé Wary, FLBLB, 264 p., 23 €

Rose Season Boards, a suspenseful story all the more effective as the drawing is dynamic./FLBLB

As the Women's World Cup begins Friday (June 7th), women's goals also mark goals with Chloé Wary. After a first fiction about Saudi women and their struggle for rights (Driving prohibited, Steinkis), the young designer has returned to a more familiar field, that of her native suburbs.

In Rosigny-sur-Seine, imaginary city of the Paris Basin, the Roses of the local football club have more than one spine to their bow, even if their crampons are worn. Strong and tight, the team of players is flying from victory to victory and is hoping to qualify in the U19 National Championship, the third division championship for under-19s. Barbara, captain as talented as determined, red hair and face poupin, would like to make his job.

In the footsteps of the footballers of tomorrow

" Graduate first ! His mother, who raises him alone and maintains a painful relationship with the round ball, serines him. The revolt rises when the president of the club announces to the girls that she put, for lack of sufficient subsidies, all on the men's team. With the support of her substitute father's trainer, Barbara offers the boys a match where the winner can continue the competition.

The art of dodging

In this story without dead time, the suspense is all the more effective as Chloé Wary's drawing is dynamic. Falsely naive, the trait disarms at first by its awkwardness. But it transcribes with great truth the concreted and graying decor of the French suburbs, here sublimated by saturated shades, green malachite turf or golden yellow ball. With an amazing mastery of coloring with felt, the designer manages to restore the texture of the materials, asphalt sidewalks and synthetic fabric jerseys.

Posy Simmonds, designer out of boxes

Under the skies with chromatic accents worthy of tawny paintings, the matches are lived through neat frames, clearly cutting actions, detailing the games of legs, magnifying the shots. A nice tribute to this art of dodging that can be football.

An art that Barbara and her comrades know how to practice, retracing in a virile language and masculine outfits a femininity exacerbated. Initiatory account of emancipation, Season of the roses also tells how these young women learn to dribble the obstacles to mark their place in society. Go roses!

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