Choice in Israel: Again: Facebook locks Chatbot on Netanyahu's profile


On the day of the Israeli general election, Facebook temporarily blocked the chatbot on the profile of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

This was the second time in a week. Background this time was sending polls on election day itself, reported Israeli media. "We have limited this bot because of violation of local laws until the polling stations close this evening," said a Facebook spokeswoman first on Tuesday afternoon.

However, some time later, the Central Election Committee decided that Bot – an automated program – could continue to work. However, it was forbidden to publish election polls on him.

Netanyahu had criticized the blocking of the bot loudly according to media reports and said that he hoped that a judge would overturn it. A spokeswoman for Netanyahu had initially not commented.

Already last week, Facebook had blocked the bot for 24 hours. The media reported that the background was a hate message against a possible leftist government and Arabs. A Facebook spokesman spoke only of a "violation of our rules against hate speech." A spokeswoman for Netanyahu's Likud party described the text as "an oversight of an employee at headquarters."


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