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Choices of the TDS staff: the sketch of the favorite Chappelle

In light of the recent announcement that all college sporting events are suspended / canceled for the foreseeable future, we have decided to do so try out to give a sense of lightness and distraction from the real world that sport has invariably done for decades. With no American football, baseball, or USF softball content to churn out, we’ll settle for anything that comes to mind. To enjoy.

It’s amazing how Chappelle’s Show took control of public consciousness almost immediately after the first episode aired on January 22, 2003. Every conversation, someone peeked into a quote or reference from the Chappelle Show, which turned into a 10-minute re-enactment of our favorite tracks. While the show only lasted 28 episodes, the cultural impact remains over 17 years later. We decided to choose our favorite sketches. There may be duplicates, and that’s okay.

Let’s start the show.

The Racial Draft – Season 2 Premiere, by Nathan

“I’ve always wanted to say it … FOR SHIZZLE”

Project choices:

  • Black delegation: Tiger Woods
  • Jewish delegation: Lenny Kravitz
  • Latin delegation: Elian Gonzalez
  • White delegation: Colin Powell and Condoleezza Rice for OJ Simpson.
  • Asian delegation: Wu Tang Clan

The whole sketch is perfection and a clear sign that Dave Chappelle had found his weak point as an entertainer, and that the second season would have been an absolute banger. When Chappelle says “Now just wait a damn minute Rondell” after the black delegation, played by Mos Def, tries to take Eminem as part of the trade for Powell who rolled me to the floor. The white delegation launches into O.J. To keep Eminem, Simpson shake hands and walk away.

Commentators may have been the funniest part of the sketch with Chappelle who broke the news that Tiger Woods has lost all accolades after going 100% black, the total confusion of Powell’s choice by the white delegation to Bill Burr and the other guy (I’m not looking for his name) who quietly celebrates getting rid of Simpson, all made for a fantastic sketch.

The World series of Dice- Season 2, episode 7, of Seth

“When I leave, you come together like head cheeks”

In 2003, ESPN started broadcasting the World Series of Poker. It exploded in popularity and launched unknown poker players into public consciousness. His popularity also helped generate one of my favorite Chappelle skits: The World Series of Dice.

The World Series of Dice is presented as a major sporting event complete with two presenters (Bill Burr and Robert Petkoff) and the theme of Monday night football. In fact, it’s a dice game played in Marcy Projects by four contestants:

  • Grits n ‘Gravy -Kansas City, MO
  • Phyuck You – Far East
  • Leonard Washington – A small city is not called your business
  • Ashy Larry – Marcy Projects

The absurdity of the characters, from their names to their looks, merges with the absurdity of the presentation and the serious impassiveness of the announcers to create something special. The whole skit is taken to a new level when the game is robbed by “local thug” Rodney “Quills” Dinkins, who intrudes and asks everyone to “get naked”. From there it develops into a beautiful crescendo in which Leonard Washington stares at Quills as a gunslinger in the wild West. Quills calls his bluff and a telestrator-style subdivision of the footage includes the following exchange:

cutter– “You noticed how he shot him under the waist, so he didn’t attempt the murder. He’s very smart on Quills”

Petkoff– “Quill knows the law”

The sketch ends with the announcers who log off while stripping off their clothes and being ripped off. The sketch is a great blend of absurdity and parody with great performance throughout.

Black Bush – Final Season 2, by Nick

The second season of Chappelle’s Show could be the biggest season of any comedy show ever. Racial Draft, the Rick James and Prince skits, the Lil ‘Jon skits, the Wayne Brady episode, is a series of assassins of some of the funniest TVs that have ever hit the airwaves and I killed me and mine friends week after week in mid-school.

So it’s only fitting that the season ended with an exaggerated skit like Black Bush. In early 2004, in the midst of the Iraq war and W’s first term, Dave takes on the role of the 43rd president to highlight the absurdity of the administration at the time. We have moments like Jamie Foxx appearing as Black Tony Blair, the black chief of the CIA, played by Mos Def, holding a yellow cake in a “special CIA napkin”, the president who challenges the United Nations to sanction him with their non-existent army, “Mars, whores of Mars” and so many other quotable objects that I still recite today.

He also gave us this …

“What? Eh, oil? Who said something about oil, bitch who cooks? Oil … COME EVERYTHING, LET’S GET OUT OF HERE!”

Black Bush – Season 2 Final, by Jamie

Choosing the best Chappelle sketch is really difficult. There are at least 10 sketches at the Hall of Fame level and every time you think you are satisfied with the best, you remember another one and you have to start all over again.

At first I thought about going with Wayne Brady’s sketch, because I love watching actors act very contrary to the guy. I also thought of Racial Draft (which actually doesn’t hold anymore), both Charlie Murphy’s True Hollywood Stories, all three drafts of When Keeping It Real Goes Wrong, The Player Haters’ Ball, The Mad Real World, Tyrone Biggums Sketch of Fear Factor, sketch of Three Daves, Clayton Bigsby, even sketch of repairs and sketch of commercial Spouses.

The best, however, is clearly Black Bush. When you write a sketch that generates TWO memes that are still going strong 16 years later (“Mars, whores” and Dave’s GIF knocking on the water and his crew is scattered from the Cabin room), he just has to win. It does.

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