Chris Evans – Comments on the penis picture

Chris Evans made Twitter boil over the weekend, after publishing a story on his Instagram account, with one picture that was probably not meant for our eyes.

The actor, who is known as “Captain America” ​​from the Marvel universe, was to share a video of him playing the Ellen DeGeneres game “Heads Up” with friends on his Instagram story.

Towards the end of the video, several pictures from the camera roll appeared on his mobile phone – including a picture of a penis.

ACCIDENT: Bear Grylls had not thought that his three million followers would see the nude bathing. Video: Instagram / Scanpix
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Although the story was deleted immediately, several of his followers managed to get it, and take a screenshot of the camera roll.

Ask people to pay attention

Shortly after, Evans trends on Twitter, with people posting the picture. But fans also chose to tweet different photos and comments under the same topic, to try to “drown” the photos.

Among other things, it was mentioned that the actor has previously been open about having anxiety attacks, and fans asked people to pay attention and show some compassion.

In an interview with The Hollywood Reporters podcast in May, Evans said he first had minor seizures when working on the 2010 film “Puncture.”

“I began to think that this might not be right for me,” he said.

TOUCHING: Chris Evans gave a touching greeting to Bridger (6) who had to sew nine stitches in his face after he was attacked by a dog. Video: Instagram Reporter: Embla Hjort-Larsen
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Nothing to worry about

In addition to fans who have spoken out, both Mark Ruffalo, who plays the Hulk in the Marvel movies, and Evans’ brother have commented on the incident on Twitter.

Ruffalo tweeted that Evans had nothing to worry about.

– Dude, as long as Trump is president, there’s nothing you could do to fool yourself.

Evans’ brother, Scott Evans, saw his cut to play with the incident and his brother.

– Was away from all of social media all day yesterday. Soooo. What have I missed?

TEARS: The actor posted tearful video after being criticized for leaking nude photos.
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Now the main character himself has also commented on the accident. Tonight in Norwegian time, Evans posted a tweet in which he encourages people to vote in the election.

– Now that I have received their attention… VOTE November 3 !!!

The actor has received a lot of response to his tweet, from both those who think it’s funny, and those who want to discuss the penis picture.

Jamie Lee Curtis, known from the films “True Lies” and “Freaky Friday” with Lindsay Lohan, has taken to Twitter to support Evans.

– My boy! Proud of him. You got MY attention, writes Curtis.

Kat Dennings, who has starred in the “Thor” films and “2 Broke Girls”, also likes the message of Evans’ tweet.

– Now we’re talking!

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