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Chris Zegers turns into tab Op1 on it: “Russian propaganda” – Wel.nl

Chris Zegers proclaimed Russian propaganda in Op1 yesterday. The normally sympathetic presenter received into a fight with a top rated NATO government.

“I obtain it terrible that Ukraine is a victim of the invasion of Russia. They are a sufferer, partly for the reason that of the geopolitics of the West,” he explained. “I think the precedence should be with NATO,” he told the CEO of NATO. David van Weel, who was also sitting at the table. “Isn’t really the most effective resolution to seek precedence in consultation? We have to have to get in contact with Russia to discover a option. Then Ukraine will no for a longer period be a target.”

Van Weel answered the presenter firmly. He spoke of Russian propaganda, Metro writes. “The idea that Ukraine is a victim of Western guidelines arrives straight from their propaganda,” he said. “It’s not about NATO or Western politics. We kept the conversations open up until the final minute. In carrying out so, we stored hunting for compromises, like the deployment of troops on the japanese border. But it was extremely distinct that Putin has by now designed his option.”

On Twitter, men and women never just agree with Chris possibly.

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