Christiane Taubira, the icon torn off by the left "in tatters"

The former Keeper of the Seals, whose word is rare, must support Raphael Glucksmann during a meeting on Wednesday night in Rouen.

By Sylvia Zappi Posted today at 11h24, updated at 11h41

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"In politics, you have to know how to leave. " The sentence is barely a year old and she has already gotten old. Christiane Taubira obviously does not want to fade away. Not now, as she judges the state of the left " hopeless ". The former minister has a too high idea of ​​herself not to see that she has kept a true aura left, magnetic.

Wednesday, May 15, the Guyanese will be alongside the founder of Public Place, Raphael Glucksmann, in Rouen to give a boost to the list he conducts with the Socialist Party. The essayist dreamed of it, he who is struggling in this sluggish campaign.

Since the beginning of the preparation of these European elections, the old muse of marriage for all has been the object of all desires, within the social-democratic left. It was first courted by Europe Ecology-The Greens to take the lead on their list, but the former radical left has declined the offer of Yannick Jadot. Then by the socialists and finally by the movement of Benoît Hamon, Génération.s, who have each offered to wear their respective colors.

Special place in the political spectrum

But Christiane Taubira no longer has the taste to sit in Strasbourg nor to be a candidate for an election. She intends to continue to make politics by carrying her messages, transmitting them in her own way. First by multiplying the conferences and symposia to speak to the youth, in the United States as in Africa. Then appearing in moments she chooses carefully.

The sexagenarian, erected as an icon on the left, still has the rare word and a fierce relationship with the media. The ex-keeper of the seals has preferred to highlight issues that are close to his heart, open secularism and recognition of black identity. It has been read on Facebook to express support for the singer Mennel, candidate of the telecopier "The Voice", forced to leave the show after former polemics Tweet. She was also heard on the Afro Bet Buzz news channel for an interview on Black History Month.

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The movement of the "yellow vests" again made her leave her silence: she wanted to say her empathy in front of this "Salutary awakening" and deliver everything she thought of this left "Which bears a very heavy responsibility" in the social crisis. The subject was uncomfortable with the cautious and embarrassed approaches of the caciques of the PS in front of this unprecedented movement. "She embodies a certain courage in a context where the left shows so little"says Rokhaya Diallo, essayist and columnist who welcomed her for an exhibition in Paris in October 2017.

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