Christ’s daughter admitted a difficult birth and the inability to breastfeed, her hateful comments surprised her!

With the health condition of the beautiful Daniela, the only daughter of the former first modern Miss Czechoslovakia, Ivana Christová, it was not even a little good after a difficult birth. That’s why she couldn’t even breastfeed little Zojka, even though she had originally planned to. Perhaps to avoid judgment and condemnation, she decided to reveal the truth to everyone. She responded on the social network with an honest explanation of her situation and the reason why she would not breastfeed her beloved bundle of happiness.

Pretty Daniela, of course, loves her daughter very much and would, like any happy mother, do everything for her in the world. But that is exactly what he cannot do for her, otherwise the simplest. “During pregnancy, I was 100% convinced that I would breastfeed, I know all the benefits and even the recommendations of the WHO. But the reality is different, health complications after childbirth, infusions and the associated my inability to breastfeed, “the new mother confided in her suffering on the social network. But of course, that doesn’t stop her from enjoying her daughter with joy and not taking care of her as best she can.

Ivana loves her daughter, whom she raised on her own, endlessly:

In her answer, Daniela also mentioned one of her observations regarding the feeding of the baby. “Some time ago I came across a picture of a well-known Slovak woman, where her husband was feeding her baby from a bottle. Beneath the photo were countless hateful comments from women, and it wasn’t even clear if the milk was splashed or artificial. It doesn’t matter in any case. I am convinced that every mother wants and does the best for her child and the reasons why yes or why we don’t even know many times,“Daniela added her consideration on the topic of breastfeeding. She also admitted that the often cruel comments of completely foreign women make her very sad.

Fortunately, no silly comment by unknown unfortunates is stronger than the joy of a baby. Daniela and her husband, hockey player Miloš Zajíček, with whom they have known for more than ten years, are very happy with their daughter and take care of their treasure with love. Daniela is now, of course, at the nursery, but otherwise she works as a make-up artist and at the same time the director of a section in a well-known world cosmetics company. Although she has an interesting pretty face and figure of a model, she was never attracted to catwalks. And if possible, he avoids too much publicity. Apparently, in his mother, who was also a world model at the time, she has a frightening example of the enormous pressure on the psyche that popularity can exert. She prefers to live contentedly in the background, but she definitely doesn’t hide, sometimes she shows up next to her mom at some social event.

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