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Chuck Norris weighs in on Steven Seagal and judges his true level of martial arts

Particularly described in the world of martial arts, Steven Seagal is not appreciated by Chuck Norris either. An opinion expressed by Walker Texas Ranger interpreter in an interview.

In the landscape of martial arts in cinema, Steven Seagal is undoubtedly one of the most controversial characters. Aikido specialistthe actor was regularly criticized for his level of combat, considered to be usurped, and his tendency to boast of exploits that were not his (this also made him a firm reframing from the UFC champion Anderson Silva). Review worthy? Chuck Norris gave his opinion on the subject.

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Chuck Norris’ analysis of the Steven Seagal case

The 70s and 80s were the golden age of action movies. During this period, men love Bruce Lee, Jean-Claude Van Damme or even Steven Seagal gave martial arts pride thanks to their roles and fight choreography. nonetheless, the last mentioned never really convinced his colleagues. Confused with JCVD, questioning aikido, the American was at the heart of the controversy. And when Dick Cavett asked Chuck Norris to comment on his colleague, the interpreter Walker Texas Ranger did not, at first, want to be cruel:

Is Steven positive? honestly, I do not know, I met him only once. Jean-Claude (score, Van Damme) is really positive. Most of Seagal’s movies are filmed in tight shots. We cannot see if everything is real. There are also cut very fasthe does not give not the opportunity to see what he does exactly.”

Human review

Until then, rather benevolent towards Steven Seagal, Chuck Norris will be harder on him moments later. Dick Cavett questioned Seagal’s off-camera behavior, the famous redhead will make it clear that aikido master It’s not not necessarily a positive person according to him :

Dick Cavett:this picture of a menacing and rotten man, is he playing or not?

Chuck Norris:No“, accompanied by an evocative laugh.

DC: “has he ever tasted your kick?

CN: “no, they wouldn’t dare

DC: “it was poor with someone i knew

CN: “He cares all his life. For a martial artist, I must admit that I was quite surprised. It’s inwe shoot himhe carries it with him wherever he goes

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