Tuesday, 11 Dec 2018

CIA: China conducts a “kind of cold war” against the United States

ASPEN, COLORIC – China is conducting a "kind of cold war" against the United States, using all its resources to try to replace America as the dominant power. added that the current communist government, led by President Xi Jingping, was working subtly on several fronts to undermine the United States.

"I would say … what they lead against us is fundamentally a cold war – a cold war not as we saw it during the Cold War. (Between the United States and the Soviet Union) but a cold war by definition, "said Michael Collins, Deputy Assistant Director of the CIA's East Asia Mission Center, at the Forum on The Aspen Security in Colorado

The Trade Dispute Played In A Tit-for-tat Fare Between the Two Nati We Are Alarmed by China's Intense Efforts to Steal Business Secrets and details on the high-tech research conducted in the US.The Chinese army is expanding and undergoing modernization and the United States and other countries have complained of "I would say that c & rsquo; "East Crimea," said Collins, referring to the brutal annexation of the Crimean peninsula by Ukraine, which was sentenced throughout the country. [19659011CollinscommentsarefollowedbytheincreasinginfluenceoftheChinaemisespard'otherpersonswhichareexpressedplustôAfewdaysafterthesecurityconferenceWashingtonhashelpedChinareachanuclearclashwiththeNorthKorea

On Wednesday, FBI director Christopher Wray said China poses the biggest and biggest threat to America. He said the FBI had economic espionage investigations in all 50 states that can be traced back to China.

"The volume of it.The ubiquity of it.The significance of this is something that I think this country can not underestimate," Wray said.

National Intelligence Director Dan Coats also warned against the increase in Chinese aggression. In particular, he said, the United States must stand firm against China's efforts to steal business secrets and academic research.

Susan Thornton, Acting Assistant Secretary of State for East Asia and Pacific Affairs. Hundreds of thousands of Chinese students or groups in American universities could help mitigate potential damage.

"China is not just a footnote on what we have to do with Russia". , a former undersecretary for defense, said China has the second largest defense budget in the world, the largest permanent army of ground forces, the third largest air force and a navy of 300 ships and more than 60 sub- Mariners

"All of this is being modernized and improved," said Letter, who sat on a panel with Collins and Thornton.

He said that China also continued the advances in the cyber, artificial intelligence. , engineering and technology, counter space, anti-satellite capabilities and hypersonic weapons. Lt. Gen. Robert Ashley, head of the Defense Intelligence Agency, told a congressional committee that China was developing long-range cruise missiles, some capable of reaching supersonic speeds [19659015] "The Pentagon noted that Franklin Miller, a former senior director of defense policy and arms control at the National Security Council, said that China 's weapons developments were putting people' s lives in jeopardy. focus on need to have a dialogue with Beijing.

"We must try to engage ourselves," said Miller. "My expectations for a successful engagement are medium to low, but that does not mean we should not not try. "

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