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Citroën and Windtre together for the launch of the Ami

WITH THE CAR ALSO THE GIGAMI – The Citroën signs a partnership with the telephone operator Windtre for the launch of the electric microcar Which in Italy. Taking into account that the Ami can be driven even at the age of 14 (it is a light quadricycle), with this agreement the company wanted to meet the needs of the new generations in terms of connectivity. Those who therefore decide to buy an Ami, either in cash or in leasing, will have the exclusive Windtre “Gigami” offer which includes unlimited minutes and giga in 5G and 200 SMS at 9.99 euros per month for 24 months.

ALSO IN WINDTRE STORES – The Citroën Ami it can be purchased online on the website www.citroen.it, and it will also be possible to see it live in one of the selected Windtre stores, where customers will be supported by sales staff in the online purchase process.

THE PRICES OF THE AMI – The Citroën Ami it is powered by an 8 HP electric motor associated with a 5.5 kWh battery (the car has an overall load of 471 kg), placed under the floor, which ensures 70 km of autonomy. The maximum speed is 45 km / h, moreover, the turning radius of 7.2 meters, ensures maneuvers in a small space. It takes about 3 hours to recharge the battery using a standard 220V socket. It is available in seven different versions with different formulas. For those who want it in cash the price The price list starts from 7,200 euros, from which the discount deriving from the 2021 state incentive must be subtracted, which brings the total down to 5,731 euros, without scrapping, and 5,108 euros in case of scrapping of a category “L” vehicle before Euro 3 Also foreseen with the formula of financing customizable starting from 19.99 euros for 36 months (TAN 4%, APR 7.32%), with 10,000 km per year included (1,839 euros the first financial fee and 3,142 euros the redemption value).


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