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City player Gündogan: ‘Liverpool earn title if season is to be canceled’ | NOW

by drbyos

Midfielder Ilkay Gündogan of Manchester City believes that league-leader and competitor Liverpool should be given the title if the Premier League season is definitively discontinued. Due to the outbreak of the coronavirus, it is very uncertain whether the competition can be completed.

“As a sportsman you also have to dare to be honest,” Gundogan said at the German on Sunday evening ZDF. “If the competition could not be completed, I would be happy if Liverpool were declared champion. I can really live with that.”

The 29-year-old midfielder is the closest attacker of Liverpool with Manchester City, but the difference can only be bridged in theory. ‘The Reds’ have 25 points more than ‘The Citizens’ and only have to win twice to secure the title.

However, the Premier League has been on hold for weeks and cannot be resumed until May at the earliest. If the season is not finished, there is a chance that there will be no official champion and the unapproachable Liverpool will therefore miss the first title in thirty years.

Liverpool are above everyone in the Premier League this season. (Photo: Pro Shots)

“Willing to give up salary if necessary”

Gundogan realizes that policymakers are facing a dilemma. “Clubs that have done well so far obviously do not want the season to be dropped. On the other hand, there are clubs that are in the relegation places and can take advantage of this. It is a difficult thing.”

In any case, there are still six rounds in the Premier League to be made up and there is a chance that there will be more. In any case, the competition has been canceled until April 30 and can be overtaken on May 2 at the earliest.

In many other foreign leagues, there are now clubs that are in financial difficulties, so that players voluntarily or forced to hand in part of their salary. “In England this is not yet a topic of discussion,” Gundogan notes. “But if I have to, I am of course willing to donate a salary.”

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The coronavirus in short

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