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Civil Protection warns rains for the next few days

The General Directorate of Civil Protection issued a notice on Monday of the possible arrival of rain in the coming days due to low pressure and asked the authorities to be ready “for any eventuality.”

“The authorities that are part of the National Civil Protection System are urged to be ready to intervene in the event of any eventuality,” he said in a statement.

He pointed out that a report from the Threat Observatory of the Ministry of the Environment and Natural Resources warns of the possibility of an “increase in rain and storms, starting this Tuesday, August 22, generated by a low pressure system off the coast of El Salvador ».

Civil Protection called on the population to “identify the risk areas of flooding, flooding, landslides or landslides due to the accumulation of rain and take the appropriate mitigation measures.”

He also asked to identify risk areas due to falling trees, billboards, power line poles due to “winds associated with storms.”

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