Tuesday, 11 Dec 2018

CK2DC? Kevin Durant supports Colin Kaepernick as the next substitute quarterback of the Redskins

Even if Bruce Allen, Doug Williams or any member of the Redskins' front desk has asked, Kevin Durant, Golden State Warriors star, has an idea of ​​the free agent quarterback that his favorite NFL team should sign to support Mark Sanchez. Tip: It's not Kellen Clemens or EJ Manuel, two of the retreaded tires the Redskins eliminated after Alex Smith's injury ended his season last month.

During Tuesday, Durant shared an image of Colin Kaepernick, former quarterback of the San Francisco 49ers, in his story on Instagram, and he is sure to mention @redskins, the team he fell in love with while he was growing up in Prince George's County. Kaepernick has not played in the NFL since the 2016 season, when he made headlines for kneeling in the pre-match national anthem to draw attention to racial inequality and police brutality against African Americans.

(via Kevin Durant's Instagram)

After Smith broke his leg against the Texans, the Redskins mentioned Sanchez's familiarity with several coaches from the Washington staff among the reasons they hired the veteran, who appeared in a match in 2016, to support Colt McCoy. McCoy broke the right fibula in the 28-13 loss to the Eagles, allowing the Redskins to be back on the market.

Would they consider Kaepernick, who filed a grievance of collusion against the league in October, alleging an effort by teams to remove him from a list because of his protests?

"We talked about it and we discussed it, but we will probably go in a different direction," Redskins coach Jay Gruden told reporters on Tuesday.

Gruden added that the Redskins were looking for a quarterback with skills similar to McCoy's and well-versed in Washington's offensive concepts.

"It's not that Colin can not do some of the things I'm talking about," Gruden said. "But someone with a little familiarity. Sanchez be with [offensive coordinator Matt] Cavanaugh helped a lot. Sanchez's experience in a pro-style offense has helped a lot. "

One might think that Kaepernick could seize Gruden's offensive pretty quickly. After all, he was Smith's replacement in San Francisco in 2012 before replacing Smith as a late start to the season and coaching the 49ers to the Super Bowl, a place neither Manuel nor Clemens have ever been.

Durant, who in 2017 said he hoped the Redskins would have a long-term contract signed with Kirk Cousins, is a big supporter of Kaepernick. In January, Stephen Curry, his teammate of Durant and the Warriors, agreed to make a separate contribution of $ 10,000 from Kaepernick to two community organizations in the Bay Area.

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