Clara and Gabriel de L’Amour are in the meadow expecting their first child!

What beautiful news that we have Clara Choquette and Gabriel Picard this Friday! The lovers of the fifth season of Love is in the meadow will indeed be the happy parents of a very first child.

It’s time for a cute Instagram post that the mom-to-be has shared the wonderful information with her subscribers, in addition to indicating that the little one, whose gender remains to be confirmed, will point the tip of his nose to the end of next March.

« The wait is over! I can finally share my news with you! Against all odds, we are proud to announce that we are expecting our first baby », Can we first read under the publication.

Just like us, you will fall for the Highland cow plush which holds the baby’s ultrasound photo and a poster on which we can read the nickname chosen by the parents for the latter, namely “Rainbow Baby” .

Of course, behind all this happiness also comes a relief for the family who had confided in their difficulty in having a child in the series The family is in the meadow of Life Channel. A fact that Clara did not fail to stress.

« Why a rainbow baby? Not because of the damn Covid … No. The term ‘rainbow baby’ is used to refer to a child born after a tragic pregnancy, such as in my case a miscarriage … As you may have seen me talking about on the show. The family is in the meadow, Gabriel and I lived this tragedy, about two years ago … Having let go a little (despite all the same a certain pressure which weighed down), the miracle happened. »

« Gabriel and I are overjoyed and hope that everything will go well this time around. We were looking forward to it and already love it! », Added Clara Choquette.

It is with great compassion and empathy that she then sent all her thoughts to the families who are going through a situation similar to the one she and Gabriel experienced, while the Perinatal bereavement awareness day was held this Thursday.

« My announcement is funny because yesterday, October 15, was Perinatal Bereavement Awareness Day. I would therefore like to wish all those who are in a situation similar to what we have experienced, one day, too, the happiness of expecting their ” rainbow baby ”. »

Wishes which, we hope, will also come true.

Congratulations to Clara and Gabriel for this wonderful miracle of life!

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