Clara Luz Flores candidate of Morena for governor of Nuevo León

Clara Luz Flores, Mayor of Escobedo, will be Morena’s candidate for governor of Nuevo León, as announced by Mario Delgado Carrillo, the party’s national leader.

At a press conference, Delgado explained that Flores had a higher position in the survey applied by the party to define Morena’s candidate.

“The best positioned is Clara Luz Flores, mayor of Escobedo, Nuevo León. A woman who decided to participate in the movement and register for the survey,” Delgado reported.

Delgado stressed that Flores has extensive political experience and highlighted the implementation of a security model in Escobedo, which is a national benchmark to improve conditions in the municipality.

“She is a brave woman, who has faced attacks, she is an honest woman who agrees with the principles of the fourth transformation. We want to win the government of Nuevo León to transform Nuevo León, we want to win it to establish a new development model ”, said Delgado.

Although initially the announcement was agreed at 1:00 p.m., it was delayed for almost an hour and a half, according to sources close to the party reported that This appointment was still under discussion due to the rejection expressed by a part of the local militancy.

In the announcement of the candidacy of Clara Luz Flores, Delgado explained that in Morena they are fighting to end a regime of privileges and they will not allow the vices of politics in that party: “Morena belongs to nobody, it belongs to the people of Mexico and in Morena the people rule “.

“We must be able to integrate the best causes and leaderships so that the transformation project continues,” added Delgado.

Morena has so far three women, out of at least seven that she drives, to head the 15 governorships in dispute this 2021.

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In his message, Flores Carrales indicated that he has the commitment to go for unity and to be the hope that Nuevo León needs for its promotion and development.

“I receive these results with the great commitment that it means, with the great responsibility that these results signify, results that all they do is call me to commit much more to generating this unity, to generating the hope that Nuevo León needs,” said the mayor. with licence.

Once with this appointment, the national leadership called for unity and work to have the best cadres to win the 2021 election.

It should be noted that businessman Rafael Zarazúa, who was also seeking the candidacy, left the meeting in which the result of the survey was announced, and accused that it was an imposition from the top of the party.

Other applicants who participated in the survey were also not present in the announcement made at Morena’s national headquarters. Fernando Ábrego refused to take the picture with the winner of the survey. “Sorry but I can’t raise my hand.”

Clara Luz Flores is the third woman to lead a candidacy for Morena to the 15 states in dispute in 2021, it is expected that at least seven will flag the party.

Morena began announcing the results of the polls in each of the states since last Thursday. First it was Layda Sansores, in Campeche; Víctor Manuel Castro, in Baja California Sur; Marina del Pilar Ávila, in Baja California and Clara Luz Flores in Nuevo León.

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Tomorrow it will be announced who will lead the candidacy in Tlaxcala and on Tuesday, Mario Delgado will make the formal presentation of Alfonso Durazo in Sonora.



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