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The name of the new Colombia coach, after the departure of Carlos Queiroz, continues to generate great expectations, waiting for Reinaldo Rueda specify his possible connection, as he is the candidate who wants to designate the executive committee of the Federation. Meanwhile, other names are making a run in press versions.

The most recent is Claudio Borhi, the Argentine coach who also has Chilean nationality and who has begun to sound for the position, after his representative admitted that he had a contact with the Federation.

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“I have had a talk with one of the senior managers of the Technical Secretariat of the Colombian Federation about Claudio Borghi, because he had started to appear in the press,” said Cristian Argiz, DT representative, on Antena 2:

For now, the appointment of the new DT It is stagnant because the president of the Federation, Ramón Jesurún, is recovering in a clinic after testing positive for covid. Rueda arrived in the country last Friday for family issues, but it was hoped that his visit, before his trip to Canada, could be used to land the negotiations that his representative had already advanced.

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“I always think that Claudio Borghi is made for the Colombian national team because of the offensive game he has, the individual quality of the Colombian players and the speed that they have. Colombia is going to love him, “added the coach’s representative.

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It is expected that in the next few days it will be confirmed if Reinaldo Rueda will leave Chile and take office, being the 1A candidate for the FCF. Reinaldo is the only one who is really in the Federation folder, as has been known, but the negotiation is pending completion.



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