Clayton Kershaw is not the adult, but his role is vital


On his way out of the clubhouse Dodger Stadium on Thursday night, Clayton Kershaw clocked as he went through a cluster of reporters. This time, they did not wait for him. Unlike most of the remote reasons, it was idle for the game 1.

Rather, Kershaw threw the League League National League opener in the dugout. He looked at his blue eye, and watched it all while Patrick Buehler – Patrick Corbin started the team No. 1 and the Dodgers, hit with Washington Nationals highlights in 6-0 victories.

When Buehler's night was finished, he fell down beside Kershaw on the bench and spoke. When the Rookie sent Gavin Lux home in the first season in the eighth invention, Kershaw left around the railing in an explosion.

This year, the Dodgers did not need the winner of the Cy Young award to give their first blow in October. They hope that Kershaw, who will start the game on Friday nights, can do something instead.

Dodgers players talk about their 6-0 win over Washington Nationals in Thursday's National League Division 1 League.

As the manager Dave Roberts was joking while starting in game 2, he considered that the bullpen was as good. He knew who got the goal that Friday would also be available in a possible 5 match on Wednesday.

Through that lens, Kershaw was easily picked. And after the opening decisions on Thursday night, the plan is bouncing the Dodgers for the rest of the series: Kershaw in game 2, Hyun-Jin Ryu in game 3, a mix of Rich hill and the dance in game 4, and mix including Buehler (probably as the boot) and Kershaw (in the respite appearance) in game 5.

Cody Bellinger asked the pitching approach.

“Just what we wanted, just what we hoped,” he said. “Couldn't have been better.”

The career of the Kershaw season has been adversely affected. In 30 career playoff games, 9-10 is the one left left with 4.32 ERA, 1.092 WHIP and 9.8 layout per nine. His mistakes in the heart of Dodgers were often repeated in October.

In his playoff reliefs appear, however, only three races were earned by Kershaw in the 9th of today. Last year, he arranged a ninth inning without score in game 7 of the National Championship League. In 2017, he spent four frames without scoring in game 7 of the World Series. In 2016, during the next Dodgers' NLDS meeting against the Nationalist, Kershaw started in game 1 and game 4, and earned a game in two games.

“I don't really focus on that, however,” said Kershaw to do another relief. Game “Focus on“ The game 2.

Although Roberts said that Buehler is the game 5 starter, Kershaw would be available to start a regular rest. Stephen Strasburg, the Nationals' beginner ’2, would have done the same with 34 pitches over three days without a score in a wild card boyfriend on Tuesday night over Milwaukee.

“Yes, I think, I like the way that establishes,” said Washington manager Davey Martinez. “There was a lot to do.”

Strasburg went on to 18-6 and the ERA begins 3.32 in 33 with this season, taking out 251 and walking 56 in 209. When the Nationals of Los Angeles arrived on Wednesday, Martinez said to Strasburg, “ I love you going Game 2, but if you think you need five days, I understand it, I understand. We can push it back. '”

Strasburg broke that notion on Thursday.

“Today he came in,” said Martinez, “and, without hesitation, he says: liathróid The ball is from me. I am ready to park. I feel wonderful. "

Kershaw was so keen to add.

In 28 this regular season begins, it was not as dominant as usual. Although he went to his eighth All-Star game, he published 3.RA ERA (the second highest of his profession) and surrendered 28 home races. He registered only two qualifications starting in his final five and no more than seven were incorporated into any game during the year.

But at the start of the job season, Kershaw said it was ready for repeated use in the NLDS if necessary.

“I don't think any problem will bounce back,” he said.

Kershaw's track record speaks for himself. Of the poachers of Dodgers' 12 NLDS, mere postseason posts more by Kenley Jansen. Rich Hill is the only other potty with at least 10 edges. If the series goes far away, Roberts wants the comfort that the Famer Hall would be likely in his pocket.

“Clayton has done it, it's good,” said Roberts. “You must prepare for Game 5 if it happens. What better do you prepare for that? That is the game “Clayton pitching 2” and Walker has the opportunity to take twice in this series. We felt very good in that sense. ”


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