Saturday, 19 Jan 2019

Clearance in the street, the deputy France insubmits Eric Coquerel announces that it will lodge a complaint

The LFI deputy from Seine-Saint-Denis was surrounded on Thursday while going to a public meeting in Colombes (Hauts-de-Seine). The action was claimed by the French federation of Action française, a royalist movement.

France’s deputy insubordinate Eric Coquerel told franceinfo that he will file a complaint Monday, April 23, after being entangled in Colombes (Hauts-de-Seine) Thursday, April 19. He then went to a public meeting on the Asylum and Immigration Act, organized in a café. ” I saw an individual who jumped at me and threw me in the face of the shaving cream “says the MP.

We have the sponsors and those who claim it. If we let them do that, we may wonder how far they will go “, he said, justifying his intention to file a complaint.The action has been claimed by the federation of Paris French Action, which is defined on its site as” a royalist and nationalist movement defending the return to the monarchy “.

Action Française broadcast a video of the scene on Twitter. French Action accuses France insubordinate ” profanation of the basilica of Saint-Denis “, referring to the occupation of the monument in March by people in favor of migrants and undocumented migrants The MP had taken part in a march to the police station after the evacuation of the building.

For Eric Coquerel, this physical aggression is a new attack from the extreme right, which exceeds the death threats of the ” fachosphère “We are several deputies of La France Insoumise to be threatened by groups of extreme right,” he added.

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