Cleo surprised the fans with a new hairstyle. “You look gorgeous in such hair” [FOTO]

Cleo got fans used to one hairstyle: a girly ponytail on top of her head. This time, the star presented a new hairstyle that her fans were delighted with.

Cleoalthough she loves colorful clothes and makeup, she is faithful to one hairstyle. The star usually wears a high ponytail on top of her head that her fans have gotten used to. This time, Cleo showed up with a new hairstyle: loose hair in which she looks very feminine.

The fans liked this change very much: “How beautiful”, “but you look beautiful”, “great in such hair”, “beautiful in your loose hair, you should walk like that” – Cleo fans complimented.

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Cleo surprised the fans with a new hairstyle [FOTO]

Perhaps soon Cleo will surprise his fans with a new style. After all, the star loves to surprise fans.

Joanna Klepko, because her real name is Cleo, made herself known to her fans by working with Donatanem, with which they launched a hit “We Slavs”. After participating in the Eurovision Song Contest, Cleo’s career made a big move.

In December 2015, she signed a record contract with Universal Music Polska. On December 30, she released the single “Zabiorę nas”, which was remixed by Basta in January 2016. On May 13, 2016 she released the single “I prefer to be, and on July 5 -” NOC “. On September 2, she released an album entitled “Bastet”.

In addition to Cleo’s music, he has participated in, among others. “Dancing with the Stars”. She was also a trainer in three editions “The Voice Kids”.


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