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Climate concerns and rising suicides? Here is the effect of the heat

We are all distressed by climate change. Mental health, especially in young people, is severely affected by these abnormal heat waves. Let’s go deeper.

High temperatures

We know that climate crisis associated with rising temperatures, melting glaciers and other worrying natural manifestations, all of which create serious problems for our planet but also for mental health.

Suicide, anxiety, and more concerned many people who deal with the worrying climate situation we live in this way.

What concerns climate and its effects

Suicide trends among young people caused by climate anxiety
Suicide trends among young people caused by climate anxiety

It turns out that according to research, yesit is mainly the young people who are most affected by the climatic situation that continue to worsen. The question was asked to 10,000 girls and boys aged between 16 and 25 of different nationalities

Especially excessive heat waves and these anomalies worry many young people, even lead them in suicide. Research has shown that the very young population that suffers from high temperatures where they live tends to commit suicide.

In short, a clear relationship between the hot weather and suicide. A dizzying and worrying increase in these extreme reactions from a very difficult life in countries where the temperature is rising more and more.

They were also analyzed various posts written on social media by these really depressed young people who insisted that the only solution is to take their own lives, not to endure this torment and because they know that their futures are very compromised.

Surely this situation of rising temperatures makes our planet increasingly hot and unlivable and everything is absolutely not healthy, even for raising animals, some in fact will die precisely because the high temperatures do not allow them to survive, just think of polar bear, where glaciers melt their lives is compromised.

But in addition to these categories of animals, there are those who, due to the increase in temperature, have a problem with their physical and mental system. Despite their efforts, nothing has changed, and it is getting worse every day. Unfortunately, if we do not act concretely and drastically, perhaps it is now too late, it will be truly a planetary tragedy.


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