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Clint Eastwood, Wyatt Earp, Javier Milei and Cristina

I heard about Javier Milei because of his tremendous revolutionary, “clearly speaking”, not a mustache on his tongue., and other properties that are not exactly the heritage of large democratic states. His statement after the PASO was identical to that of a well-known idiot, Pablo Iglesias, who roared about the “disappearance of the parasitic caste” of politicians. I can’t imagine Clinton, Merkel or Aznar referring to their opponents as “bastards” or “sons of p…”, like Castro and Pinochet did, and now this “liberal” fraud. is identified libertarian o liberal anarcho, and I don’t know how much it will really be, a very strange thought, even for universities, which I approached thanks to the invitation to the international discussion forum from the Liberty Found. That’s why I asked myself a couple of times if the candidate Milei was clear about what he said he was and in any case I think that he is the first successful politician who defines himself like this, although now someone conceives himself as he wishes. But he must know something about it because he often mentions ideology and teachers. There anarcholiberal, anarchocapitalist, libertarian They are right-wing anarchists, who, like their twin brothers on the left, aspire to eliminate the State and emphatically declare the expiration or incompetence of classical liberalism since the civilization anchored in Montesquieu. devoted and does not ask questions existence in the State and public authorities. But when an anarchist enters real politics, his emptiness manifests itself. Whoever wins the presidency controls the executive power and will have the moderators, the judicial side and the legislative side, the State. The aberration could appeal to a “constituent” to create another State, now in their taste, but the State in the end. The original liberalism is a theory, but it is materialized through social democracy and other centrist democratic ideologies, the only way to be liberal in practical reality.

The impossibility of an anarchist program turned many of its militants into terrorists in the 19th century., while the unknown time managed to create a communism without a government and governed by communes, an identical characteristic of its “right” twin, anacholiberalism. History remembers William Godwin, Mikhail Bakunin, Mikhail Nechayev, Alekseyvich Kropotkin, Santa Caserio and many others, from theorists to people of action. The main precursor of the other anarchism, that of the right, is Ludwig Von Mises, who has a monumental knowledge of history and economics, but his work is covered by extreme anti-state fundamentalism, which led him to accuse von Hayek of. socialism in disguise at one of the founding meetings of Mont Pelerin in Switzerland at the beginning of the 20th century. The name of anarchocapitalism It was put on by Murray Rothbard, an American philosopher and economist who dreams of this society without a government, anarchic, governed by communities, and private property without politics, and paleoconservative: a static, parochial, reticent world of globalization, migration and change . Attached to religion and “own” customs, controlled importation and reluctance of foreign cultures. Like other ultra ideologies, it despises democracy, because it is a form of State. The Spaniard Jesús Huerta de Soto, another in this current light, defends a direct democracy, in self-regulating communities, without politicians. The same increases the obsolescence of liberalism exposed by Locke and Montesquieu to Hayek and Popper. His economic theory develops and expands concepts of proven importance: labor productivity, efficiency, entrepreneurship, essentially linked to property, and tragedies are well known by socialism and other collectivist currents.

But I also developed a thesis on it nationof serious shortcomings. Assume the concept of the romantics, called “the German ideology” by Marx and Engels, before the French and American revolutions that created the modern political state: nation is a popular sentiment, language, religion, customs, blood, traditions, “identity” in parishes or medieval units. As Johann Herder and Johann Fichte thought, each cultural identity corresponds to rights a country, the current breath of parochial secessionist movements and chaos. This is argued by those who believe that there are Catalan, Basque, Navarrese or Galician nations, brandishing anachronisms and historical lies that can cause a chain reaction in European states. There would not, in his opinion, French, but Normans, Gauls, Burgundians, Auvernians, Corsicans, etc., whose unification was the essential achievement of Richelieu, Mazarin, Danton. According to Huerta de Soto’s guide, the United States would have fifty “nations” and Germany three hundred. Another of the libertarian props is David Friedman. In his work the freedom machine, developed the idea of ​​a type of justice that is not state but private, a model for anarchic society in the future, once humanity is convinced, who knows how or when, of the loss represented by the mere existence of the State. . His model is the private justice of the American Far West, which shows that he did not see enough cowboy movies, nor a bibliography of Marcial Lafuente Estefanía. If he did, his model of justice would not be a light or a forceps on reality. California, Texas, Kansas, Oklahoma, Wyoming, Arizona, etc., persecuted the thugs who went down in history for their depredations, Jessy James, Billy from Kid, Buffalo Bill, Clay Allison, Hatfiekd, McCoy, Ben Thompson, King Fischer. .

They imposed the strongest law, the “fastest”, on solitaires sheriff which represents precisely the rudiments of an embryonic state. Wyatt Earp said “I am the law” while stroking the handle of his Colt 44, making it clear where justice lies. The poor woman that a bandit wanted, and respect for private property had to be imposed on the gang at the point Winchester. Not to refer to the extermination Red skin and subsequent predation by Spanish-speaking Indians and Christians, it is difficult to guess with such a mental distortion. Back to the current reality, a justified collective rage triumphed in Argentina’s PASO, about which I have written on several occasions. Between Peronism, the military and Kirchnerism, the country has been hijacked on an incredible scale, a plan Kirchner made between 2003 and 2015. A certain José López had 9 million dollars in his house for cigarettes and trinkets, he thought they would invade it . , he ran to hide them in the convent of the fearful Pray with the nuns of penance at Our Lady of Fatimawhere they keep him. But Kirchner’s leadership has already fallen since 2017. Omar “Caballo” Suárez, head of the port union, is held for fraud, aggravated fraud and multi-million dollar accounts without justification. Juan Pablo “Pata” Medina, leader of the construction union, in prison for extortion, criminal association and operation for ten million dollars is not justified. Life has rewarded this humble popular leader with one hundred and nine automobiles, an airplane and a helicopter. Marcelo Balcedo, one of the educators and arms dealer, had accounts for twenty million dollars, and was the delighted owner of two planes, a yacht, four galleries, a Ferrari, a Mercedes McLaren (worth $500,000) and a private zoo.

The Kirchnerian procedure was as follows: there super minister in planning, Julio de Vido, created a “command” with the big companies in the Chamber of Construction, which was headed by the president of the union, the super tycoon Carlos Wagner. There they decided the public works plan and assigned who would win each tender. Once the work is started, they double or triple the initial cost and are not even finished. There were dollars to spare for various layers of government officials and businessmen, and everyone was delighted. These notebooks came to the hands of the prosecution and Wagner, in grief “confession”, revealed that the Kirchners received 3 million dollars a day, 90 a month, 12 billion dollars during the three governments, enough for a modest life, but without deprivation He has seen many times: such popular anger, very justified, can lead to stupid and crazy enthronements that make everything worse, to the detriment of those who are always lost. I am not sure that Milei, if she has, if i have, repeats what we have seen a lot, although he assures it with his dirty language. Hopefully not, and in the first place there is little he could do if he did not have Congress and the Court in his favor.


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