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Co-driver thrown from car and died in heavy collision, driver arrested

A tragic accident occurred in Breda, Netherlands, resulting in the death of a man and serious injuries to another. The incident took place at the intersection of Mastbosstraat and Graaf Engelbertlaan. The driver of the car, a 33-year-old motorist, was later arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol. The collision caused extensive damage, with debris and a traffic sign scattered across the road. The details of the accident, including the possibility of running a red light, are currently under investigation.

A man died in the night from Friday to Saturday in a serious accident at the intersection of Mastbosstraat with Graaf Engelbertlaan in Breda. He was in the car of a 33-year-old motorist who was seriously injured.

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The driver of that car was later arrested because a test showed that he had drunk too much alcohol. The destruction at the intersection was great. Debris and a traffic sign lay on the road. The cars were badly damaged.

With high speed

The men’s car turned into the intersection around 2:30 a.m. and hit the vehicle of an 18-year-old woman from Bavel. She saw the car approaching her car at high speed, she later told the police. The two cars collided hard at the intersection. Miraculously, the woman was not injured. nonetheless, the other vehicle came to a stop only a hundred meters away.

On the way, a lamppost and traffic sign were hit. The co-driver of the car was thrown from the car by the impact and landed on the road. Because he suffered serious injuries from the accident, a trauma doctor came to the intersection with a helicopter. The victim was resuscitated, but eventually died at the scene.

Possibly ran a red light

The entire road was closed off by police for investigation. According to a police spokesman, the woman who was in the other car reported that the men’s car drove through a red traffic light. The police are investigating that. A blood test should later show how much alcohol the driver had consumed.

A collision at the intersection between Mastbosstraat and Graaf Engelbertlaan in Breda caused havoc. © Eye4images / Perry Roovers

The police cordoned off the entire road at the intersection between Mastbosstraat and Graaf Engelbertlaan for investigation. © Eye4images / Perry Roovers

After the collision, debris from both cars lay on the road in Breda, as did a road sign that had been driven out of the ground. © Eye4images / Perry Roovers

A man was thrown from a car and landed on the road. This man was treated at the intersection in Breda by a trauma doctor, who came to Breda by helicopter. © Eye4images / Perry Roovers

The cars were heavily damaged by the collision in Breda and many parts were lost. Among other things, the bumper came loose on both vehicles. © Eye4images / Perry Roovers

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