Cofepris and FGR investigate which substance contains fake vaccines

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The director of Epidemiology, José Luis Alomía Zegarra, highlighted that the Federal Commission for the Protection against Sanitary Risks (Cofepris) collaborates with the Attorney General’s Office (FGR) in the investigations to determine what substance the 1,155 bottles of false vaccines contain anticovid -with 5 thousand 775 doses- which were seized on March 17, and applied to at least a thousand workers in Campeche.

“What exactly did the vials of this vaccine contain, which so far, all the information (which) indicates that it is false, is also part of the investigations, surely these informational elements will be known later,” said the official when asked. on the false vaccines applied to workers of a textile company.

In a conference on the report of the new coronavirus, Alomía Zegarra said that, after the declaration of the Russian Fund for Direct Investment that it was “not their vaccine” Cofepris was able to verify that it is indeed a false biological.

“The Cofepris was invited to participate in the reviews and they were able to verify that the vaccine was fake, the apocryphal numbers did not belong to any of the lots that so far have entered and have been acquired in the country, “he indicated.

In that sense, he called on the population not to be fooled, since so far, the only safe and effective vaccine that is available is the one that has been purchased by the Mexican government, not by individuals, and is applied only through the National Vaccination Strategy.

“We cannot be fooled by the offer of a supposed vaccine, which was obtained through private means, or that it is an opportunity that appeared there, because for sure, one hundred percent, that’s going to be a lie and it will also put the health of the population at risk. If it is not through the National Vaccination Strategy, at the officially identified points and the vaccines that have reached the country so far, let’s not allow someone to give us a different vaccine“, Held.

Likewise, he said that the sanctions to the businessmen who distribute and, in their case, applied the false vaccines, could be imposed only until the final result of the investigation was obtained.

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