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Coffee: a luxury product

In this Parisian counter, coffee is like wine: it is a question of terroir, origin and grand cru. And among the best in the world: the geisha, from Panama. A luxury coffee sold in this establishment at 176 euros per kg. “At the moment, it is at that price, but it can still burn”, says David Hernandez, roaster of Cafés Verlet.

A few weeks ago, records were broken in Panama, where coffee cherries grown at 1,800 m above sea level are worth gold. The producers there are not looking for quantity. “We will never be competitive with industrial coffees”, proclaims Justin Boudeman, producer of Panama Geisha coffee. “We are blessed by this terroir. This quality is our niche on the market.” Keen on this rare product, the Koreans and the Japanese raised the price at auction to more than $ 2,000 per kg.

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