cold and snow arrives on the plains

TheWinter. If you haven’t unearthed your scarf, gloves and hat yet, do it since Sunday. Next week the weather changes. The forecasts de for the week 30 November-Friday 4 speak of a very cold air mass since Monday 30th November. As the days go by a cyclone will reach Italy carrying many rains and especially the name up to the plain.

The great cold is coming from central-eastern Europe towards our country starting from Sunday 29, with effects that could be even disruptive then from Monday 30. As often happens with this type of configurations, the cold would enter with arrogance from the Porta della Bora, ramping up on the Po Valley and on part of the Center. The temperature are expected in a dive, even below freezing at night and in any case below 10 degrees during the day (at least at North), with a climate that will therefore become fully winter almost everywhere. In short, what is called in technical jargon will form “Padano pillow“, to indicate the intense cold present in the lower layers, where the heavier cold air will tend to stagnate.

Tuesday 1st December, the first day of the meteorological winter, we expect an increase in instability at the Center South, with the possibility of some reverse especially on the Tyrrhenian sectors.

Between the evening and the day of Wednesday 2 the weather conditions are expected to be decided worsening: the minimum depression will be further deepened first on Tyrrhenian Sea, to then move on to the medium-high Adriatic. Therefore, the so-called Venezia Low, a cyclone of bad weather able to bring lots of rains to the central-southern regions and to Northeast. Attention because given the drop in temperatures it is not excluded that snow can make its appearance even on the plains (or in any case at hilly altitudes) between Veneto e Romagna.

From the night of Thursday 3 and especially on Friday 4 a new depression driven by polar currents could break into Italy, bringing snowfall up to the plains of Northwest. But where will it snow 90%? Mark these cities: snowflakes a Cuneo, Torino, Varese, Milano, Bergamo and very low odds on the Liguria.

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