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Colima’s Diary

by drbyos

Thursday, February 27, 2020 8:09 pm


This forum addressed the situation of the quality of care and patient safety, according to WHO’s vision.

The Secretary
of Health and Social Welfare of the Government of the State of Colima, Leticia
Guadalupe Delgado Carrillo, participated in the VII Cooperation Forum
Institutional of the XXII International Congress Advances in Medicine 2020, in the
that the situation of the quality of care and safety of the
patient, according to the vision of the World Health Organization (WHO).

invitation of the general director of the Civil Hospital of Guadalajara, Jaime
Federico Andrade Villanueva, the head of the Ministry of Health of Colima
He spoke at the forum in which he said that, according to the WHO report,
health care interventions are performed with the purpose of benefiting
to patients, but they can also cause harm.

The state official said that in Colima the model has been adopted
of quality management in health and administration by processes, privileging
customer service to ensure effective access, quality and
patient safety.

He added that the
cited model takes into account medical facilities to reach
value results, through person-centered attention, which
It is the main factor included in the new health system that
It is implemented in the country.

He added that this seeks to raise the levels of quality and safety of the
medical care, purpose in which the accreditation and certification of
medical establishments represent the opportunity to access better
Infrastructure and medical care.

He pointed out that
with the new care model that is implemented through the Institute
National Health for Welfare (Insabi) has the vision to improve the
quality together with the person, in the community and with equipment and well-being
composed of doctor, nurse and health promoter.

The forum in which Colima participated, was held with the
purpose of recovering the vision and instruments of key players in the system
national health around the quality and safety of the patient and contribute,
in the construction of a public policy in this matter.




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