Collected data about the CoronaMelder trial ‘unusable’

Before the corona app Crown melder was activated nationwide, people in the east of the country were already able to test the app. Anyone who received a warning from the app that they may be infected with the corona virus could have themselves tested. Even without complaints.

Due to the high pressure on the testing capacity, it was later decided to only have people tested who actually have complaints. The test period therefore only lasted four weeks. “That means that the period was too short to do enough research,” says Ron Roozendaal, director of Information Policy at the Ministry of Health (VWS).

Missing data

Other data was also missing, such as whether people who had no complaints and had requested a test, later experienced complaints again. There was also no check whether someone actually received a notification. “The conclusion is that the data are not good enough. That is life, unfortunately,” Roozendaal concludes.

The Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport is now conducting research into the national impact of CoronaMelder. Whether the app contributes to the fight against the corona virus, as well as the possible negative consequences of the app on people’s behavior.

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