Collomb calls Macron to speak on secularism


The president thought he had whistled the end of the party last Wednesday, on the sidelines of the Franco-German summit in Toulouse. Annoyed at having to respond to a new controversy over the veil, revived by a member of the National Assembly, Emmanuel Macron called for "not to stigmatize Muslims," ​​denouncing a "fatal shortcut" between the fight against terrorism and Islam. Reaffirming "the unity of government" on these sensitive issues, he had closed the door to a more formal discourse on secularism.

"I have ideas that are clear from the beginning," he said when he arrived on Thursday at the European Council in Brussels. But I do it at the rate that I consider to be good and avoid stirring up topics when civil society divides on it. "

Silencing internal dissensions

On Sunday, Gérard Collomb, his early ally and former Minister of the Interior, nevertheless urged him to go further, inviting him to have a strong word to silence internal dissension. For a few days, the debate has stirred and divided the majority. Several voices, including MP Aurore Bergé, from the ranks of the Republicans, are calling for a new law to ban the veil during field trips. "The president must speak on secularism," said France Info the mayor of Lyon, invested last week by La République en march for the municipal elections in March. "There are always different sounds that speak and one that gives the, thein fine, it is always the President of the Republic, "he argues, without himself being in favor of strengthening the law.

"There is no need for a new presidential expression," retorted a minister. That there may be differences of opinion in the majority on this subject as on the PMA, it does not shock me. And to conclude, without illusions: "If only we could have this debate between us rather than on the public square …"


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