Colo Colo: Óscar Opazo uploads hopeful photo on Instagram after being operated

Oscar Opazo suffered a terrible injury to his right knee in the past duel against Palestino in La Cisterna, cutting the cruciate ligament and being out of competition for the rest of the National Championship 2020.

Fortunately, the right-back left the operating room well after undergoing surgery and has already started his long recovery to return in optimal condition in 2021.

The Santiago Wanderers trained wrote on his Instagram after the operation that “Today we begin a new stage with great optimism and 100% focused on recovery. Everything went wonderfully in the operation, thank God. “

“They were very difficult and sad days, but with the help of my family, friends and many beautiful people who support unconditionally I have managed to turn the page and look forward”, added.

El Torta will miss the entire second round of the 2020 National Championship, where the Cacique will fight point by point for not descending after their dismal performance in the first half of the tournament.

Look at Óscar Opazo’s post on Instagram:

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