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Cologne / Carnival shock: woman rolled over by train – sad detail shocked police

A tragic accident happened in Cologne.

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A tragic misfortune has now occurred in Cologne’s carnival. A woman apparently staggered onto the track. A train rolled over the 29-year-old.

  • A tragic accident happened on Weiberfastnacht in Cologne.
  • A 29-year-old crashed into an incoming train.
  • Now the police have to determine the cause of the accident.

Update from February 23, 2020: About the accident in which a 29-year-old woman died on Thursday evening train has been rolled over, there are now new details from the police. The one at the accident Accidentally woman is said to be out Düren come. There are currently no indications of third-party negligence, but recordings of security cameras on site should still be used to clarify the accident.

A sad detail is particularly stunned: information from express according to several gawper have hampered the rescue work on site. Opposite the Kölnischen Rundschau have a spokeswoman for the federal police, among other things from one onlookers reported that the investigators are said to have approached extremely. In addition, some passengers are said to have been extremely inconsiderate about the barriers around the scene of the accident.

The Fire Department Cologne had shortly after the accident on Twitter about the incident on Cologne Ehrenfeld station informed and asked people to “keep the access roads and entrances to the station clear for the rescue workers”.

Our first announcement from February 21: Frau (29) is overrun by Zug in Cologne

Cologne – in the middle of Carnival events occurred in downtown Cologne a tragic calamity. A young woman was born on Thursday evening of a train rolled over, she died on the spot. The exact cause of accident must now be determined.

Carnival in Cologne: tragic accident at the station – woman falls in front of the train

The bad luck occurred at Cologne-Ehrenfeld station. How witnesses report shortly afterwards, the 29-year-old had apparently staggered into the tracks. This is confirmed by a spokeswoman for the Federal police, It is still unclear whether the fatally wounded woman is on Women’s Shrovetide self carnival celebrated. A autopsy should now also clarify whether the 29-year-old was alcoholized in the accident.

Carnival in Cologne: police investigated – fatal accident raises questions

The fire brigade said that the train that had rolled over the woman had been completely cleared. Eyewitnesses had to be looked after by the emergency services. Because of the emergency use In the evening, numerous regional trains on the track were canceled.

A terrible act happened in Hesse: Eleven people die, including the alleged perpetrator.

The police are looking for 22-year-old Nils from Leiningen. Photos of the young man have now been released. He is suspected of having killed his own grandfather. A young couple from Bavaria died tragically during their vacation in Vietnam. The exact background is still unclear.

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