Colombians have less time for their well-being amid the pandemic

Before the pandemic the 92.4% of Colombians I set aside time to go to medical appointments, exercise, meditation, or spiritual activities and during isolation only the 61% are doing it, according to an Andi survey on the balance between personal life and work.

“We are working much more, we are much more dedicated to housework and on the contrary we have much less time for other tasks of self-care and individual well-being”, said the president of Andi, Bruce MacMaster.

The survey showed that more than half of the respondents are connected to their jobs for more than eight hours a day and most people must spend between one and two hours cooking, without counting on others Domestic works which also increased.

While most men dedicate a hour or less to housework, women dedicate in mostly between one hour and three hours to that activity.

The main headache when it comes to working from home is poor quality of internet connection.

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