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Color beige: How to incorporate it into your wardrobe

We classify all shades of beige as neutral color tones. Therefore, they go well with almost any other color. They are easier to combine with other neutrals, such as white, black or gray.

For example, bet on a beige wool coat, which looks great with both white and black pants or a knitted skirt.

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Dress, Lindex, 1299 CZK. Cardigan, Marks & Spencer, 2199 CZK. Ballerina, Högl, CZK 3999. Pants and lamp, Marks & Spencer, CZK 1499. Bra, Marks & Spencer, CZK 949. Underwear, Marks & Spencer, CZK 429.

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But beige also goes well with classic jeans. For example, you can choose straight jeans and matching moccasins or ballerinas for a trendy striped sweater.

If beige is your favorite color, don’t be afraid to experiment with it. Monochrome looks are especially popular. For example, opt for a long knitted dress, which you can complete with high boots. Thanks to the uniform silhouette, you will also optically lengthen and therefore also thin your face.

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Shirt, Cellbes, 1299 CZK. Sweater, Lindex, CZK 999. Jeans, Lindex, 1299 CZK. Suitcase, Högl, 5999 CZK. Loafers, Högl, CZK 4999. Boots, Deichmann, CZK 1399.

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Do not forget to complete your outfit with a beige handbag and gold-colored jewelry, which goes well with beige.

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Coat, s.Oliver, 3299 CZK. Leather shirt, GANT x Wrangler (www.gant.cz), CZK 17,999. Jeans, Lindex, 1299 CZK. Sweater, GANT x Wrangler (www.gant.cz), CZK 6,599. Beige shoes, Deichmann, CZK 1,799. Black shoes, Deichmann, 1299 CZK.

Photo: farm archive

Big dress, Marks & Spencer, 9999 CZK

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