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Colors of the homeland | An engineer looking for self-fulfillment on the streets of Cairo: I’m ready to wash dishes

“I am a graduate of the Faculty of Engineering and need any job. I am ready to work washing dishes and I have already worked in a hotel before that.” With these words, Mustafa Hamed decided to resort to recruitment companies and managers of human resources departments through social media, in order to achieve his dream and get a job. It is suitable for him, despite being a graduate of the Faculty of Engineering, but the working conditions stubbornly pushed him to knock on all doors in the hope that he would achieve what he dreams of.

Mostafa, a young man of no more than twenty-eight years of age, born in Cairo, found himself struggling in life to find a job that suits him and through which he can support himself and help his family as well: I spend on myself and my family does not bear the burden of many expenses, my friend and I worked from 3 secondary schools washing dishes and cups in a small hotel in Cairo.”

“Mustafa” tells “Al-Watan” that he joined the College of Engineering like his brother, as he loves construction and the field, but his real passion was in the field of tourism: “I graduated in 2016 and after that I worked in a famous company, and I was a contract employee, and when the Corona period came, they walked People are aware of contracts, and leave only the recruits, and despite my experience of 4 years, they used to bring newly graduated engineers because salaries are lower.”

Sadness and despair befell Mustafa, as he is still young and has a high qualification, and despite that, the doors are closed in his face: “I worked on a big project after that, but it was construction and infrastructure, and I have sinuses, so I am tired of the dirt, and because of what happened to me from effort and dirt. And the lack of jobs, I hated engineering, and I started turning to the field of tourism because I love it.”

Many jobs the young man in his twenties worked for, as he worked as a social media official in a car maintenance center in Jisr Suez, in addition to many free jobs: “I was a free contracting employee, I was assigned a certain job for a period of time, I would finish it and see anything else.”

“Any job is not a shame as long as I work with halal and what pleases God, and I know engineers working on Uber and doctors as well.”.. The engineer resorted to social media and employment sites to search for a job in the tourism field that suits him, as he will do anything: “The HR manager in a hotel in Hurghada called me. And he said, “God, and see what job you are comfortable with, and I myself can do something and achieve a good CV for myself.”

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