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Comic-Con laments the departure of the star “Walking Dead”

The world's largest fan convention offered a poignant farewell to the star of the most successful show in the history of cable television on Friday, as zombies invaded San Diego's Comic-Con

. The departure of British actor Andrew Lincoln, who has appeared as sheriff Rick Grimes in almost every episode since the 2010 driver, was the starting point of the show The Fear the Walking Dead of & # 39; 39; AMC. has been an open secret since May, inadvertently confirmed by executive producer Robert Kirkman.

But the official announcement was reserved for Comic-Con, an annual pop culture celebration that attracts more than 100,000 devotees to Southern California. "There seems to be an elephant in the room, it will be my last season playing the role of Rick Grimes," said Lincoln, 44, in Hall H of 6500 seats, which sparked a dismayed murmur. which has spread in the arena.

"I love this show.This means everything to me.I like the people who make this show.I promise not to cry." Lincoln has promised. "

Based on a band cartoon of the same name by a trio of writers, including one of the executive producers of the show Robert Kirkman, the post-apocalyptic zombie vision of the United States represented in "The Walking Dead "

Dwarf competition as" Game of Thrones "from HBO in the United States, it has the largest number of viewers in the history of cable.

-" Tensions " rising "-

The show focuses on Lincoln's Grimes, who wakes up in a hospital bed after being shot, only to find that he is alone in a world of revived corpses vicious and flesh eaters – known as "walkers" on the show

"I choked on myself. "It's been nine years since we came here," Lincoln told reporters after his last trip to San Diego on behalf of "The Walking Dead."

"I love this place and I love seeing fans, and you've been such a vital part of this experience.But my relationship with Mr. Grimes is far from over."

It was unclear when he was talking about the current shoot for his final episodes, the possibility of appearing in one of the many side projects of the franchise, or something entirely different. 19659014] The ninth season, which will take place in October, will take place two years after the saga "All Out War" of the two previous ones, with the editor-in-chief Angela Kang succeeding the veteran showrunner Scott Gimple

. minutes to Comic-Con that shows Rick in more peaceful times as the leader of a sprawling settlement of the survivors – but with rising tensions among his lieutenants.

"Fear the Walking Dead" kicked off the zombocalypse two hours earlier with a presentation that critics accepted seemed to draw a line under all past tales and present an almost entirely new show.

– Fermentation process & # 39; –

aired since 2015, "FtWD" does not get the historical numbers of the main show – but is still one of the most popular American series with just under two million viewers per episode .

"Fear" shocked his legion of ardent fans by presaging his parental show and killing his protagonist – Kim Dickens Clark's Madison – just before the mid-season of season 4.

The other actors – including Colman Domingo, Alycia Debnam-Carey, Danay Garcia and newcomers Lennie James, Garrett Dillahunt, Maggie Grace and Jenna Elfman – spoke passionately.

But it was not long before the conversation with the reporters led to a conversation about whether the zombies could "poop", as well as scold and mix.

The tone was lowered as Gimple mentioned in Passing as James Morgan's character, a crossover of the main show, is seen on the toilet in an upcoming episode and was asked if the zombies "shit".

"What am I saying? It's going to be the next thing people want to know!" I think there is a process of fermentation that could result in projectiles, "he said. Gimple of an ironic tone, clearly amused by perspective.

Grace, the most famous for ABC's "Lost" and "Taken" movies, were dismissive, however, explaining that she did not really fit into the "scatalogical" subjects.

It was quite game-filled to suggest, however, that we can already observe the effect of many calls from zombie nature in each episode.

"That's why they walk so strangely," she says.

Season 4 of "Fear The Walking Dead" resumes on August 12.

L & # 39; British actor Andrew Lincoln has appeared as sheriff Rick Grimes in almost every episode since "The Walking Dead" aired in 2010

Actors Andrew Lincoln and Norman Reedus, at the Comic-Con International Dead Call, "whose zombie-post-apocalyptic vision of the United States has proven to be an iquely resonant

Actor Norman Reedus at the Panel "Fear the Walking Dead" during Comic-Con International, an annual celebration of pop culture in San Diego

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