Saturday, 17 Nov 2018

Comic-Con TV Midpoint Report: What’s happened up here?

& # 39; The Walking Dead & # 39; and Amazon deliver as one of the big meetings offers the goods and more ideas of the first two days of confab pop culture.

San Diego Comic-Con reached its midpoint Friday night after a frantic day of news and headlines of The Walking Dead and Amazon.

With nearly 90 billboards and countless activations in front of the Convention Center, cutting out the cluttered landscape – and we do not even count the film, comics and video games – is getting harder and harder. That said, some beginnings made their way to the front of the pack and generated enough buzz to stand out from the pack. Here is an overview of the early trends in San Diego's annual pop culture confab

Amazon Studios | During its first major presence at Comic-Con, Amazon jumped the floor of the convention in favor of massive activation outside the convention center. While Jack Ryan did not start until August 31st, Amazon gave it all for Carlton Cuse's drama John Krasinski. Con participants spent hours queuing in the scorching heat to take part in an interactive 15-minute experiment that consisted of pushing a helicopter (stationary) and hitting a zipline. His two-hour panel on Friday afternoon did not disappoint either, with a surprise projection of pilot Jack Ryan who met with keen interest. The panel also delivered a wave of big news: Bright and Alien: Covenant star Noomi Rapace joined Jack Ryan as a regular series for season two . The first excerpt from Neil Gaiman's Good Omens – as well as the news that Oscar-winning Frances McDormand will make God hear – has come out. The first look at Julia Roberts in her television series regular debut in Sam Esmail ( Mr. Robot ) Homecoming was screened before its debut in November. And a trailer of season 2 for the genre game Lore got a strong response from the assembled masses. Amazon has come a long way since last year's unobtrusive Tick appearance at Con, with a panel of stars that looked a lot like a movie studio.

The Living Dead | Heading to Comic-Con, no one in the AMC zombie drama had commented on the reported departure of head man Andrew Lincoln. Everything changed during Friday's panel when the man behind Rick Grimes – the face of one of television's most-watched franchises – announced in tears his official start of the series. But that was not all that AMC had in reserve. Producers have also confirmed that Alpha, the next major villain in Robert Kirkman's comic book, would make his debut in season 9 with Samantha Morton taking the regular role in the series. AMC could easily have continued to keep Lincoln's status on the series, but used the huge Hall H stage to give a head start to the 19459005 leading man The Walking Dead while toning down the fears of the fans of the series by confirming the arrival of Alpha and the Whisperers with an impressive actress to help offset the loss of Lincoln. Oh and the trailer for the new season? We are there for that.

DC Universe | What is DC Universe? Chances are before Comic-Con, a lot of target audience of the subscription platform did not have a clue what it was. But everything changed on Thursday with a trailer full of blasphemies and jokes for Titans, the first scripted drama to arrive when the platform will be launched (in beta) in August. DC Entertainment invaded the terrace of the nearby Hilton San Diego Gaslap neighborhood to build an interactive experience that included a Harley Quinn Room, an obstacle course and a Dick Grayson escape room – all related to characters and series that will debut on the platform. The lines extended over two blocks to preview the activation. Throw in a sincere announcement of the writer and executive producer that DC Universe commissioned a Stargirl series based on his late sister? DC Universe, you have our attention.

Meetings, Meetings, and Meetings | The distribution of Breaking Bad brought together 10 years after its first AMC. Joss Whedon, Nathan Fillion and Felicia Day celebrated the 10th anniversary of the favorite musical series Dr. The Sing-Along Blog of Horrible and the former hit of the Cartoon Network Star Wars: The Clone Wars had its own 10-year party. Of the three, it is the latter who sent the happiest participants with surprise news that the series that aired in March 2014 (on Netflix) was being reborn on another streamer: the next service of Disney. Internet lost its mind

If you broadcast it, they will come | The little Syfy drama Z Nation is apparently a hit on Netflix – so much so that the streaming giant (who has rights to the zombie drama) has ordered a spinoff with Jaime King directly in series. The news was announced at the Z Nation annual trek in San Diego where he continues to fly (successfully) under the radar. YouTube also made a splash on its panel, renewing Impulse for a second season after strong critical feedback and 8 million viewers since its debut on June 6th.

Between a rock and a hard place | Without Game of Thrones and Westworld (among other top level shows that jump the confab), Comic-Con should have been a party for the much anticipated Castle Rock's Hulu . But this was not the case for the much anticipated anthology of J.J. Abrams is based on the work of Stephen King. The activation of the drama – a quaint haunted house with elements of the series still debuting – estimated a 30-minute wait that turned into three hours in the sun on Friday. In addition, Friday's world premiere generated a measured response to Amazon's news announcements and surprise Jack Ryan .

What Rises, Does Not Always Do It | Comic-Con opened its doors Thursday night to the general public: a large bank of escalators outside of Ballroom 20 broke down. Participants flocking to the second largest congress center site were sent trekking through the crowded venue to a bank near Hall H – easily reachable within a 20-minute walk – to get to the airport. floor. He created a useless stalemate around a site of 6,000 people that houses some of the largest confab panels. A few hours later (yes, hours ) everything was operational but it was not an ideal start for a sweltering day.

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