Comic One Piece Chapter 992 has been released, Kaido is beaten up by 9 Red Samurai – One Piece comic chapter 992 finally released. As predicted, the story this time is still focused on the 9 red samurai fight against Kaido.

The Beast Pirate King began to push against Kozuki Oden’s followers. Even, Kaido was injured as a result of receiving repeated attacks until he roared like lightning.

One of the strongest Yonko is also preparing to fire his flagship Boro Breath. However, this move could be reversed by Raizo using his ninja style.

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Instantly 9 red samurai teams had drawn their swords, imitating the two-edged sword of Oden Nitoryu (Tougen Tokka).

In fact, when they were with Oden, they never wanted to learn these moves because they already had their mainstay.

The captain of the Beast pirates was confident that this move could not harm him unless Oden did it.

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