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Change of rudder. Semana Económica, part of the company Perú Economico passed into the hands of other owners. The operation, which was closed a few hours ago, involves the transfer of 100% of shares, for an amount that they preferred not to disclose.

The information that the publication gave through its website was that “the buyers have vast experience in strategic consulting, market research, investment banking and financial advisory services, and they are mostly also partners of Aurum Capital and Mercados & Regions ”, by appointment.

But exactly to whom did the company pass? The shareholding was made up of 60% of shares that were owned by Corporación Radial del Perú (CRP) and 40% by Gonzalo Zegarra Mulanochiv. According to Management was able to learn after talking with one of those involved in the operation, in total there have been seven buyers. Of these, six that are linked to Aurum Capital and Mercados y Regiones magazine have made 60% and 40% are concentrated in an investor.

It should be noted that one of the new shareholders runs a business magazine in the White City.

The sale proposal came into the hands of the new owners in March of this year and yesterday the transfer of money for the purchase of Peru Economico was closed.

After that, what is expected is that from next Monday they will begin to see the management of the magazine itself.

“The idea at first is to exploit the online platform. The price has been attractive for the operation, especially in a period of pandemic ”, indicated another source linked to the operation, in addition to specifying that since the end of last year a possibility of sale was already being seen.

Now, what is sought is to leverage and increase the number of subscribers and among the plans is also to launch other products that go with the brand’s seal. This does not refer only to new publications but to be able to develop events, among other innovations.

Although it is not on the immediate horizon, it has not been ruled out that the online publication could reach other destinations.

As it became known, on the side of the vendors the company that advised them was UNE Asesores.


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