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Our expert has chosen the GHD Creative Curl as the best curler among the six models analyzed. With an average rating of 9.25 out of 10, it stands out for its natural finish. Get very nice curls thanks to its conical barrel.

If last month we tested five professional hair straighteners (you can read the full comparison here), now it's the turn of the curling irons, ideal to create hairstyles with curls and defined and natural waves. Yes; The irons also allow this type of hairstyles. But the curlers have been designed for this function in a specific way, so the results are usually better and also more durable.

If you go around the shops on-line or the web pages of the main brands with this type of product, you will find that there is a wide variety of options. It is important to bear in mind that not all are equal in quality: their barrels (available with different diameters and shapes, and with and without clamp) are usually made of a metallic material such as aluminum, which is coated with ceramic, tourmaline or titanium. The thickness of that coating has a lot to say in the results that we get and, also, in hair care.

What models have we chosen?

As you will see later, among the chosen models are the proposals of professional brands such as GHD or Corioliss, but also others such as Remington or Rowenta that have very positive reviews on the network and can be found in a wide variety of online stores.

Specifically, in alphabetical order, the selected models are: Corioliss Electrocurl (with an average score of 9), GHD Creative Curl (9.25), Perfect Beauty Iron Squad 25 (8.25), Remington Proluxe (8), Rowenta Premium Care Precious Curls (7.75) and Sculp Tri-Tanium (8.25).

So we have tested them

As we did with professional hair irons, to deal with the tests with guarantees we have resorted to making different types of waves and curls (more closed or open, surf-style waves …) in a wide variety of hair: medium hair and long hair ; thin, medium thick and thick; smooth, wavy and curly … In the same way, we have also taken the precaution of using a hair protector to avoid damage from heat.

Among the aspects we have valued are:

  • Finish: the shine, the softness and the polish that they leave after doing the curls.
  • Versatility: the ability to make different types of curls and waves.
  • Easy to use: Although the way of use is very similar in all models, the movement of the hands is not always as fluid.
  • Additional characteristics: Cable length, possibility to adjust the temperature, accessories included …

The winning model has turned out to be the GHD Creative Curl. Although it has no temperature regulator, its conical and oval barrel makes the most beautiful curls of all the selected products. They are also the longest.

GHD Creative Curl: the winner

Comparative | The best hair curlers on the market

If there is something that we liked this curler is the natural and beautiful finish that leaves in the hair. It is due to its conical shape, in which the barrel has a different size at the base (28 mm) than at the tip (23 mm) and is not completely round, but oval. With a very long cable that allows us to work with total comfort and ceramic coating, has at its end with a safe 'area' to support the fingers and hold while curling without burning. Just in case, a thermal glove is included in the package. As with the GHD iron we tested in our comparison, it works at a constant and homogeneous temperature of 185ºC. It also uses the same predictive technology that we talked about at the time, which monitors the temperature of the tool 250 times per second to adjust to the thickness of the hair, the size of the selected hair …

Although it would have been interesting to incorporate a temperature regulator, in this case we have not missed it too much, because if the hair is very thin it is possible to reduce the time of exposure to heat and, when it is very thick, increase it. For an average hair, with 6-7 seconds is more than enough. As for the duration of the hairstyle, it endures the first perfect day. After sleeping and brushing, the curls are still defined (a little more open, of course); feeling that is repeated also on the third day, although more relaxed.

The best: Its conical and oval barrel makes the most beautiful curls of all the selected products.

Worst: It has no temperature regulator.

conclusion: Despite having no temperature regulator, it is the winner because it makes the most beautiful curls out of all the curlers tested.

Buy for € 136.90 on Amazon

Corioliss Electrocurl

Comparative | The best hair curlers on the market

The Corioliss curling tongs allow you to adjust your temperature between 100 and 210 degrees to adapt to different types of hair and have a clamp that holds the hair while molding. The main differentiating feature of this model is that it has a small motor that makes the ceramic barrel turn on itself so that it is much simpler to wind the locks around it. In this way, you just have to put the hair and press the button corresponding to the turn to the right or to the left -as we want the curls to be- so that the curler itself does all the work. Just be careful not to leave too many seconds the hair hooked to the clip, because the area of ​​the tips is usually the most damaged and the one that is longer in contact with the heat. The truth is that it is very comfortable: it takes a few minutes to comb a full mane. The best results (taking as reference a hair of medium thickness) we have noticed with the temperature at 200 ° and about six seconds of exposure to heat: the curl is quite closed, a lot of brightness is perceived and a negative ion technology eliminates frizz . One more detail: although in some models is usual, with this curler is not the mark of the clip in the hair.

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Perfect Beauty Iron Squad 25

Comparative | The best hair curlers on the market

It is the most peculiar of all in terms of its design because, instead of the classic shape of the curlers, the control and the barrel are at a 90 ° angle. This means that the way to use it is very different. The idea behind this decision is to facilitate its professional use, reducing the tension of the shoulder, elbow and wrist. The controls, moreover, are located right in the area of ​​the union: there is one for on and off and another two to regulate the temperature between 120 and 230 degrees, which come to complement the screen in which all the information is displayed.

Once used to its use, it is very easy to curl the full hair. Its barrel with titanium coating has a diameter of 25 millimeters and, by the way to place the thermal tool, creates curls much more closed than the competition, so all those who want a device to perform waves is better to opt for another option. They also have a specific model for closed curls with 10 millimeters in diameter.

Buy for € 48.20 on Amazon

Sculp Tri-Tanium

Comparative | The best hair curlers on the market

It comes with three barrels of different sizes that are connected and removed from the handle in a very simple way: just press on two buttons located on the upper part of the handle and extract. These barrels are differentiated by their diameter: they propose a conical one with 9-19 mm diameter for very defined curls; another one of conical and oval form of 25-16 mm for natural curls and waves; and a larger last with 38-26 mm for marked curls and deep waves. Among the three barrels, our favorite is the largest. With it you get a more natural hairstyle that lasts all day.

All of them have in common their titanium coating and the presence of ion-infrared technology, which seals the hair cuticle and reduces frizz. It can be set at three different temperatures (120º, 180º and 220º) and, although it has an area to grab and not burn, the tip overheats, so it is advisable to always use the included thermal glove.

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Remington Proluxe

Comparative | The best hair curlers on the market

It has a conical barrel design with ceramic coating that gives the appearance of a premium product. The tip incorporates a gummed area with a projection to support it without risk of burning any surface. The usefulness of this element after use is completely marred by an important drawback: once the curl is done, the usual thing is to loosen the hair and slide the curling iron. During the tests, it was continually hooked, making the loop not perfect.

With the possibility of regulating the temperature up to 230º (it takes a long time to take temperature), it has a Pro + mode that reduces the temperature of the ceramic plate to 185º, taking more care of the hair. After use, the hair remains soft and shiny, and the waves last between 6 and 8 hours in good condition; from there, they begin to fall.

It is the only model of the selection that comes with a case to protect the device. The set is completed with a thermal glove of great dimensions for the complete hand.

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Rowenta Premium Care Precious Curls

Comparative | The best hair curlers on the market

One of the most recommended options when you do not want to invest a lot of money in a pair of tongs. This model with 25 mm cone has many good things: its operation is very simple, it heats up fast and offers the possibility of setting a timer that alerts you with a beep when the curl is ready (activated manually). In fact, and depending on the type of hair, you can choose between 5, 8 and 10 seconds. In addition, it allows to select the desired temperature (8 levels between 130 and 200 degrees). During our tests we have detected that it is necessary to make several attempts to balance time and temperature, since there is a risk that the curls are not marked or that the hair is punished. It has a screen on which you can see all the settings and has a coating of keratin and argan oil that bring shine and softness to the hair. It shows something, although it is not a determining characteristic either.

In the section of possible improvements we must mention one important: the duration of the hairstyle. With it you get a very loose curls, although they are not too fixed and fall at the end of the day, despite the fact that the maximum recommended exposure time and a high temperature have been used.

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Why should you trust me?

I am a journalist with more than 10 years of experience in the technology sector. During this time, I have produced reports, articles and all kinds of content related to the most varied aspects related to technology. In addition, during the last few years I have specialized in the analysis of products for different media -including EL PAÍS-, which has led me to try hundreds of them, of all types and ranges: from the cheapest smartphones to the most advanced ones, computers, sound systems, televisions … Also devices related to personal care such as hair straighteners. In addition, in the past I was part of a project focused on the analysis of this type of products, of which I am also a user at a personal level.

* All purchase prices included in this article are updated to May 14, 2019.

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