Comparison with influenza pathogen: Coronavirus remains active on the skin for hours

According to researchers, Corona is significantly more resistant than the flu: it can remain active on the skin five times longer than an influenza virus. A very specific virus killer works equally effectively with both pathogens.

According to a study by Japanese researchers, the coronavirus can remain active on human skin five times as long as the flu virus. The one in the journal “Clinical Infectious DiseasesAccording to a published study, the Sars-CoV-2 virus remains active for up to nine hours, while the influenza A virus that causes influenza only survives 1.8 hours.

The risk of infection can be reduced by regular and thorough hand washing, as recommended by the World Health Organization, the researchers write. Both the coronavirus and the flu virus could also be neutralized within 15 seconds by ethanol, such as that found in hand disinfectants.

A few days ago, Australian researchers had provided further information on the survival time of the coronavirus on smooth surfaces. The virus could remain active on cell phones and certain banknotes for almost a month.

The survival time of the pathogen, however, is strongly dependent on the temperature conditions – it decreases the higher the temperature is. The researchers from the science agency CSIRO found that the virus is “extremely robust” at a temperature of 20 degrees Celsius. At this temperature, the pathogen is therefore able to survive on glass, steel and plastic for 28 days.

At 30 degrees, however, his survival time was only seven days, at 40 degrees only 24 hours. According to the study, the survival time of the virus on porous surfaces such as cotton is generally shorter: depending on the temperature, it is between 14 days and less than 16 hours.


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