Complaints towards OnePlus: “OxygenOS is not bloat-free”

OnePlus OxygenOS

Being a company that makes transparency its own workhorse, OnePlus it is often subject to complaints of a varied nature. This time the diatribe is tied to OxygenOS, interface among the best received in the Android world, although not free from defects. It is appreciated that the IDEAS program was born, giving users more voice aficionados and allowing them to suggest how to improve it. Once closed, we dedicated an article to the announcement on what will be reviewed and what will not be in the OxygenOS. Among these points there is one on which the community has focused, namely the apps installed by default.

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OnePlus’ OxygenOS has been criticized for having unwanted apps

In the face of 5 innovations that will be brought to the OxygenOS, there are many aspects that, at least for now, will not be touched. One of these is the possibility to choose in the initial setup phase which apps to install or not. Some apps are “mandatory” to be installed, in order to avoid disservices in the newspaper, such as clock, calendar and so on.

But what raised the discussion in question are apps like Facebook is Netflix, also installed by default inside the OxygenOS. By asking the company why this choice was made, the answer came and speaks to us of greater choral optimization. The answer does not go into too much detail, but the reasons concern the optimization of the HDR video playback he was born in energy consumption.

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So far nothing bad, but how can this not be done by excluding apps that are not native to the system, but can be downloaded separately from the Google Play Store? It must also be said that the days when the storage space in a phone had to be safeguarded as much as possible are over. And no one prevents the uninterested user from not logging in and not using them.

What is certain is that this behavior goes against what OnePlus has stated on several occasions, boasting of being “bloat-free” with respect to the competition. But it is not the first time that OnePlus (like many other companies) has had to change what has been said previously. For example, the fact that implementing the OIS was not considered necessary, as well as wireless charging.

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